This is the virtual home of Astra Groskaufmanis,

author of Offside by a Mile – Confessions of a Hockey Mom.


Astra Groskaufmanis’s upbeat, affectionate tone finds all the sweet moments at the very heart of Canadian life, creating a perfect portrait of her life as a mom. Whether she’s talking about poutine and Beaver Tails, polite standoffs at Tim’s, or interesting news items from the CBC, Astra is sure to be sharing a story with an “we’ve all been there” quality. There’s something about life in Canada that runs a common thread through our lives, and Astra can always put her finger right on the funny bone of what it means to be a part of this great country.

And Astra knows hockey (well – sort of – just don’t ask her what that whistle was for!)! As a long time hockey mom, she’s spent countless early-morning hours in cold arenas, nursing lukewarm coffee and inhaling zamboni fumes, and she’s captured all the bitter glory in her new book, “Offside by a Mile – Confessions of a Hockey Mom” and on her blog, The Dustbunny Chronicles. With three kids that hit the rink on a regular basis, there’s plenty of fun and funny stories to tell. Sometimes, she even remembers the score of the game if her husband asks her.

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