This is the sixth piece in my series of the Twelve Days of Pumpkin inspired by Stu Mills of CBC Ottawa Radio One, who has vowed to air a pumpkin story daily until Halloween.  Here is the Seventh Day of Pumpkin … Pumpkin Picassos!

As I readied for my work day today, the morning radio host (no, not Stu Mills.  Am seriously not trying to steal his stories!) talked about a local graphic artist who has a gallery for his pumpkin art. 

Pumpkin art??? 

I mean, really.  Two triangles for the eyes, another for the nose, and a single, buck-toothed, wide-mouthed grin.  Stick a candle in it and – voila – you’ve  got yourself a Halloween pumpkin!  That’s all there is to it, isn’t it?  How artsy can a pumpkin actually be? 

Well.  As you can see from some of the pictures posted here, pretty spectacularly artsy, in fact (and yes, I did resist writing spooktacularly!). 

John Vickers of Pumpkin Art of Oak Bay, now living in British Columbia, has hundreds of pumpkins are on display at local Oak Bay merchants (a west coast seaside village about 10 minutes from Victoria on Vancouver Island), with part of the donations from his admirers going to various charities, including UNICEF, the Stephen Lewis Foundation and the New York City Firefighters Fund.  There are more you owe it to yourself to check on the artist’s Facebook page (search Pumpkin Art)!

I’ve experimented with some pumpkin stencils, to varying degrees of success.  “What IS that?”  my dear son asked me about my work of art last year.  “It’s a wolf, howling at the moon.” I reply, proudly.  “Kinda looks like an anteater throwing up, Mom.” 

Okay.  Anteater.  I can go with that too.

In any event, Mr. Vickers’ masterpieces are pretty impressive.  I may be inspired (operative word – “may”) …

What are your favourite pumpkin “art” stories?


4 Responses to 7th Day of Pumpkin – Pumpkin Picassos

  • I work with a graphic artist – his pumpkins are like the ones you posted. I am not jealous though because I cut a mean triangle shaped eye. Not award wining but at least the light from the tea lights shines through.

  • I wouldn’t even know where to begin with something like this. I can’t even carve simple triangle eyes and a toothy smile. This is truly impressive. I have some students who could pull stuff like this off. It’s amazing.

    • I’m with you! Something about spending all that time on creating something – only to have to squirrels devour it – or to toss it in the compost. There look pretty amazing though 🙂
      Thanks for reading!

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