Occasionally I have to miss my Sunday morning yoga class, and this is not a good thing.  Squeezing my yoga practice before, between, or after work and kids’ hockey, is a challenge but one that has proven to be an essential antidote to a busy hockey mom’s schedule.  It also happens to but one of this hockey mom’s current addictions –  superseded only by chardonnay, of course.  It is entirely possible that if I wasn’t a hockey mom, I might not need the balance that yoga provides.  That all my children are still alive proves that the benefits of its practice spill over into all aspects of my life.  I’ve been a hockey mom now for about as long as I have been practicing yoga (~twelve years, give or take a practice or pose) and am only now ready to own up to my hockey/yoga co-dependency! 

How do I know that I am co-dependent on both hockey and yoga?  Well, you be the judge:

My Yoga Life

My Hockey Life

My breath is slow and deliberate, and I am mindful of it. My breath is a gasp for air … and I am worried about it.
With each deep breath, I inhale 1.5 litres of oxygen. With each hockey weekend, I inhale 1.5 litres of chardonnay.
I open my practice with the chanting of “Om” in unison with the class. I open the hockey game with the chanting of “Let’s go!” in unison with the crowd.
I’m dressed in casual, comfortable organic wear. I’m dressed for a post-apocalyptic ice age.
I cast my gaze beyond my finger tips toward my destiny. I cast my gaze to my fingertips in which clumps of my hair can be found.
My face is soft. My face is frozen.
I initiate my practice with sun salutation. I initiate anything hockey with Semillon salutations.
I stretch my glutes. I freeze my glutes.
Hands at heart’s centre … Namaste. Hands at heart’s centre:  … “Clear it … Clear it …. DAMMIT CLEAR THE PUCK!!!”
Herbal tea is offered following class – free of charge. Caustic canteen coffee is available – acid reflux is free of charge.  
I open my ears to the soothing sounds of tranquil yoga music. I cover my daughter’s ears from the sounds of the teenage boys’ chirpin’ and swearin’.
During yoga, I occasionally close my eyes. During hockey, I frequently close my eyes.
I love my yoga! I love my hockey!

Namaste, team!

Author’s note:  I proudly and gratefully acknowledge my 11-year old daughter for her artistic renderings of these hockey yoginis – also the artist of my dust bunny icon.  She is presently negotiating her contract to illustrate my hockey mom-oir…

17 Responses to A Mom’s Yoga-Hockey Co-Dependency

  • I venture to say the yoga is probably better for you, but the hockey may be more fun!

  • Tell your daughter I love her drawings! You have hit on exactly why I want to include yoga in my crazy hockey life. Look how much it’s done for you! I like the inclusion of lots of chardonnay too. What an inspiration you are! 🙂 MMF

    • Thank you Meagan, I’d started this piece quite a while ago but your post on yogafication inspired me to finish it and post it 🙂

  • A wonderful article about what keeps you sane, done in a different format. I love it! The drawings are a wonderful addition, your daughter shows talent and promise.

  • That’s show great balance. Very yin/yang.

    • Thanks for dropping by Lynne! Not sure if these co-dependencies show great balance (for I sure as heck don’t feel like my life is balanced!) but yoga has provided a calming effect on the insaneness of youth hockey (or likely youth sports in general!).

  • You crack me up… With each deep breath, I inhale 1.5 litres of oxygen. With each hockey weekend, I inhale 1.5 litres of chardonnay.

    This of course, is my favorite line. I love yoga as well but never get a chance to hit the studio, so I settle for the gym and then come home and pour myself a glass of wine. I know, I know, but I have so few guilty pleasures.

    On another note, your loves are so extreme, yoga – hockey. Peace and serenity.. and extreme emotions (hockey, to me is about extremes, endurance, blood, pace, blood, puke, energy…)

    • Ha, yes that line was the easiest one to come by (Must breathe, must drink – could have been another!)! Pouring yourself a glass of wine after hitting the gym is a necessary reward as well (at least the way I see it!). I did have a morning yoga session midweek a while back and found it so invigourating that I actually forgot to pour myself a cup of coffee that morning. Me?! No coffee?! It was shocking (as I can barely make it to the shower without a cup of coffee, let alone parent a child or operate a motor vehicle). But it also struck me that perhaps there was something more to this yoga thing than just flexibility and core strength. Good thing too, for I have not aquired any of the preceding yoga benefits!

  • Yoga is something I desperately want to get into, and hockey is something I will inevitably get into if my husband has his way with our boys. My MIL does yoga regularly and swears by it. I only wish I could do the same. It’s so expensive, and there isn’t a yoga place near my home. Very disappointing.

    • Laura, I read somewhere that if there is only one type of exercise you can fit into your schedule, then it should be yoga. While I do now have a lovely little local yoga studio to attend, I probably spent about 10 years attending yoga classes in church basesments and occasionally in the private homes of friends. Ask around; you’d be surprised (after your back is healed!)! Another neat thing I now do is http://www.yogaglo.com; $18/month for yoga classes streamed online. I hook up my laptop to our family room TV (though I needed my gamer-son’s help to figure that out) and b r e a t h e !

  • So funny! And I can really see why you need the yoga to balance the hockey! 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by, Recovering Supermom! I have found great inspiration in your blog, and *gasped* reading your post about giving up wine. Your points are all valid, of course, but I do so love my wine – not sure if I could do it 🙁

  • Astra, damn the motherboard for keeping me away from this post for so long! You crack me up! I love the illustrations and I think you would be lucky to have such an illustrator for your momoirs! I truly enjoyed reading the differences between the yoga you and the hockey mom you. Priceless. “I’m dressed for a post-apocalyptic ice age.” bwhahaha! This is my favorite!

    • You probably don’t get much post-apocalytic weather where you are, Bella! Be happy about that! Thanks for reading and for sharing your thoughts 🙂

  • You – Yes You! – have been awarded a Versatile Blogger Award!!! http://ahimsamama.com/2012/01/who-me-the-versatile-blogger-award/ Congrats!

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