Born in The Great White North, Astra started life in Iroquois Falls but soon thereafter the family moved to Donnacona, Quebec. A pulp and paper industry brat, her father’s career then moved them to Cornwall, Ontario before Astra embarked on her own bratty adventures at university and beyond.

After graduating from Cornell University, life as a self-absorbed twenty-something took her to New York City, Toronto and five months of winding her way (or maybe drinking her way) through thirteen European countries before settling into Real Life. The Real Life now finds her in Manotick, Ontario just a stone’s throw away from the nation’s capital.

She has worked most of her Real Life in Human Resources Management first in the hospitality business, then the forest products industry (the apple didn’t fall far from the tree!) and now the publishing industry.

Married to Peter in 1991, with whom she will soon to celebrate their twenty-fifth anniversary. Son Connor was born in 1996, followed by another son Taylor in 1997 and daughter Emily in 2000. Astra has been a hockey mom now for fifteen years and counting, with stints as a ski and snowboard mom, soccer mom, baseball mom, a wrestling mom, a field hockey mom, and a golf mom. But not a dance mom. Never a dance mom.

She soon realized that besides than taking pictures, one of the best ways to capture all the glory of motherhood was to write it all down, and she then gave birth to her blog The Dustbunny Chronicles. No one can write a better sick note to school teachers than Astra but she also realized late in life what a joy writing about everyday life can be. You can find her musings on motherhood, minor hockey, marriage and middleage on her blog, The Dustbunny Chronicles.

Astra’s writing has appeared in the Ottawa Citizen, the Momoir Project, Minor Hockey News, and the YummyMummyClub. Her short story, “The Angels of Hockey” was published in Chicken Soup for the Soul – O Canada: The Wonders of Winter (November 2013). She is a regular contributor to HockeyNow’s online magazine Hockey Mom Mondays feature. If you would enjoy, or know someone who might enjoy, a good snort about the funny and frenetic, and universal joys and challenges of life as a hockey mom, your are urged to pick up a copy of Astra’s book, Offside by a Mile – Confessions of a Hockey Mom via this link.

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