Until now, the only other word I knew in Swahili was oogiwawa which is a common “to your health” toast… at least that’s what my college roommate told me as we pre-toxed1 by penning as many toasts in as many international languages as we could.

 I recently also learned the Swahili word, baracka, meaning “blessings”. 

 2010 ended not with a bang but a belch.  I picked up a stomach virus from my son and cruelly passed it on to my cousin and then my hostess sister-in-law.  For the first time in recent memory New Year’s Eve festivities were forsaken, and I opted instead for sleep in a prone position necessary for my intestines.  Our respective illnesses were thankfully short-lived and as I look back on 2010 and contemplate what 2011 may have in store for me, I hold all my baracka close to heart:  family, health and prosperity. 

All my vacation entitlement in 2010 was spent with family.  It was a wonderful year to look back on in that respect even though one of the family gatherings involved was my Dad’s funeral.  2011 holds the promise of more happy famjams.  Notwithstanding the minor stomach bug, my kids, my husband and I are healthy and we have no lingering or looming medical issues.  We are both employed but know that job security has long vanished so have therefore set money aside for the inevitable rainy day(s).

As for New Year’s resolutions? I have but one:  Treasure and take pleasure in all my baracka.  Well, any maybe learn some more Swahili.

Happy New Year to my blessed family.

1   Alcoholic beverages consumed before hitting the bars (where they cost more)

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