In honour of Mother’s Day, the online magazine www.BooksMakeADifference.com is featuring mom bloggers in its Turn the Page column. “Our magazine appears to a wide variety of book lovers – readers, creators, and book industry folks,” says senior writer Meagan Frank. “Moms have a big voice in today’s book conversation. Some bloggers are busy writing the stories of their families while others blog about why they choose and read the books they do.  This is our way of celebrating the difference moms are making.”  In the May issue of Books Make A Difference magazine, mom bloggers will have a thing or two to say about how blogs and books have made a difference in their lives.

The following is my post supporting mom bloggers…


Blogging makes a difference to me – The Three R’s of Blogging

On the downside, blogging has prevented me from having the relationship with Don Draper that I believe the Universe intended for me. The upshot, however, is that blogging has also saved me from wasted nights with Toddlers in Tiaras. In other words, blogging keeps me from watching too much TV, and so anchors me to the important Three R’s of blogging: Reading, Riting and Remembering (maybe not the editing so much).

I discovered the blogosphere in 2009; a full 10 years after weblogs were first launched on the internet. It’s hard to believe that blogs and blogging have only been around for 14 years, considering their widespread appeal and popularity today. I became quickly addicted to my first “R”, Reading, and was absorbing more news, recipes, music, book recommendations, fashion sense, fitness tips, sports, you name it, via blogs rather than magazines or newspapers. More than anything, though, I read blogs about parenting.  The brutal honesty with which some mothers wrote about motherhood made me feel less isolated and more – well – normal about the ups and downs of parenting.  I was still, however, a mere lurker on the blogosphere.

Soon thereafter, I reconnected with a first cousin who, while exactly my age, had taken a different path high school.  Following a series of tragedies that befell her family, our paths converged again. Her daughter and my daughter also connected for the first time, and being both the same age and both hockey players, a new sisterhood was forged. My lurking evolved into contributing, as my cousin and I co-authored our first blog that was reminiscent of our old pen pal exchange of the ’70’s and 80’s. We blogged about the wins and woes of our hockey momhoods as a way to stay connected. Then friends and family became our part of readership. As the hockey lives of our youngsters took over, sadly our postings languished, but not our rekindled sisterhoods.

I was now hooked on blogging, leading to the second “R”, Riting. I created my own blog to chronicle a 40 day long project to which I was subjecting my family during Lent. This series of posts lead to my first published work and gave rise to a new love of the written word.  I may have struggled a little to find my writing voice but seem to have settled into self-deprecating humour style of writing, with the late but ever-inspiring Erma Bombeck as my muse. That’s the wonderful thing about blogging – you can experiment with your craft, your style and your genre. My family should be grateful I haven’t changed my hair colour as often as I’ve changed the focus of my writing! My blog continues to be a narrative of my journey through motherhood, books, and of course, my favourite spectator sport – minor hockey (aka, my life with stinky laundry).

Finally, blogging has made a difference to me in the final “R”, Remembering. I started using my blog a platform by which to desperately capture and preserve memories of motherhood, as those fleeting everyday moments otherwise seem to be dissolving.  Blogging has been a far better medium for me than a diary or journal which I tend to neglect and dust off only every few weeks or months. Having had three children in 4 years, the early years had sadly become but a blur. Had I caught on to blogging earlier perhaps I could now recall and retain more of those exciting and often exasperating moments of their growing up. Something that blogging has since allowed me to do.

Certainly books have made a difference in my life for their ever-presence has ensured that I maintain a relationship with the outside world, or different worlds.  Blogging on the other hand, will ensure a lasting relationship with myself, and my inner world.

Yes, blogging has made a difference to me!

15 Responses to Blogging makes a difference to me – The Three R’s of Blogging

  • Your first line made me laugh before my first coffee. 🙂 You are a talented woman. So glad to meet you via this bloghop. I’ll look forward to checking back and reading more!

  • Love to read your posts!

  • Sadly, I have changed my hair color (and length) more times than I can count on any of my combined digits. So many times, in fact, that during my baby brother’s rehearsal dinner, when we watched a beautifully narrated slide show to honor my brother and his pre-wedding days, one of his guests said, “WOW – B’s mom is pretty gutsy to put pictures of him with all his girlfriends”….of course, they were all pictures of me. I LOVED your voice in this and look forward to reading more.

  • It’s nice to connect with you through this blog hop. Writing is so great for us, isn’t it! I like your comparing your beginnings to the pen pal days. I remember those days fondly. 🙂

    Hope you get a chance to stop by my post too. It was fun to write this!

  • You forgot the fourth R. Rockin’ it! I have always loved your blog…but you know that! Thanks for taking part in this bloghop, and as ever, I look forward to whatever hair style you bring. You can undoubtedly rock all of them!

  • I have changed my hair color – a lot. What you said about blogging, so true. I was late to the venue, years late, and as I have confessed many times before I hated it when I first started out. Now, like you, I have to confess having a mild crush to the virtual world. It’s as you say, a place to explore, pretend we are something we are not or are, depending on the post. I never thought about the three R’s, but I have to agree it is like that, well the writing and the remembering is. Reading. Now there is something I love almost, no, I love it more than writing. It’s a place to go when your need a mini break. I am so glad you started blogging and continue to do so. Keep writing, Astra.

  • Astra, Blogging has made a difference to me, too! It opened a whole new world to me, of people from all backgrounds with a similar passion–to write! I feel like I’ve made a whole new set of friends and we have blogging in common. Blogging brought us together in laughter, sadness, poignant moments, and friendship. I started in 2010 and I’m having a blast!

    • So true. I often nag my kids about the care they need to take in their online personas, and yet here I am … flourishing in my own online persona in a way that my face-to-face persona is not capable!

  • Astra, you have hit on all these points so magnificently. I too find that blogging is a wonderful outlet and way to record the many experiences life provides us with. Like you, I think this platform has allowed me to make wonderful friends that know about me more than friends I meet with in person! Emma Bombeck is the best must any comedic writer can I have. I love her and I love your writing! 🙂

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