That’s right, I said ceasefire!  Now that the kids’ hockey seasons are over, I can briefly back off firing on all cylinders.  Do you know how I know that the kids’ hockey season is over?  Well, in the last week alone –

I didn’t have to navigate my groceries into a car filled with hockey bags and water bottles. 

I ate dinner … sitting down. 

I actually cooked dinner, consulting Martha Stewart instead of Mr. Mozzarella.

I made a dinner reservation for 2 people instead of 40 people. 

I took my bottle of wine out of the refrigerator instead of a cooler.

There is a clean hockey blanket sitting on top of my dryer.

I did not launder a single piece of UnderArmor.

I watched a movie that does not star Don Cherry. 

I answered the door and the local gas station attendant was asking if I could come out to play.

I did not name a single one of the dust bunnies that have multiplied under my kitchen table. 

Not once did I make a pit-stop to the skate sharpener.  

I shaved my legs.

With three kids in hockey, August to April is indescribably busy. My non-hockey friends have all but left me for dead and the truth is I’ve had to check my own pulse once in a while just to be sure.  Some days I felt certain both the car and I were on autopilot.  During the hockey season, dinner party invitations are almost always declined unless I am confident the hostess wouldn’t mind either my husband or me showing up just as the food is being cleared from the table.  Our attendance at family gatherings is prioritized according to the scale of declining inheritance. 

Spring sports haven’t quite geared up which means I am between gigs. I feel like I’ve surfaced for air and am actually accomplishing more than just treading water. I feel like I’m surfing.  My husband asked the other night, “You’re going out again?!” and I answered, “Yes, again!”

Yes, I’m going “out” again, I am making an appearance at my book club, I am out running in the spring air and training for my May half marathon. We are going out to dinner parties, TOGETHER, and participating fully in these rare social events from cocktails through to dessert.

I am also staying “in” again.  I am reading, I am writing and I am sleeping. And I am ridding my home of a few unwanted dust bunnies.

Is this what a normal life feels like?

I know it’s shortlived, however.  I know this armistice is really just a tenuous treaty between me and iCal, who swings from ally to enemy on an almost daily basis.  Soon Spring will hit the fan and I’ll be chasing down stray pieces of soccer and baseball equipment and back to logging on the miles driving to various clubs and lessons.  Not like we do between August and April, though.  No.  Hockey season is a formidable beast… and this beast is now in hibernation.

22 Responses to Ceasefire!!

  • Astra! I got exhausted just reading about Hockey Season! Enjoy your reprieve from the madness and enjoy “normal” (hah!) life!

    • Hi Linda, and thank you! Yes, I am very excited that this ceasefire coincides with the Erma Bombeck Writer’s Workshop. So off I go this weekend 🙂

  • Wow, you deserve a break. Have fun at the conference!

  • Awesome! Glad you’re getting to take a breather and do some things for yourself. Enjoy!

  • Whoo hoo, dinner for two! Victory! And with shaved legs. That was something I always dropped off the to-do list when time was at a premium. Congrats and let us know what the conference is like!

  • Wow…what a great mom you are! If anyone deserves to pull that bottle of wine from the fridg, drop your shaven legs on the couch, and enjoy dinner for two…it’s you! I hope you relish every moment of your ceasefire until August when it hits the fan again.

  • Congratulations on surviving yet another hockey season…enjoy the reprieve, celebrate the smooth legs and savor the fridge-chilled wine. Carpe diem! MMF

  • It sounds like the warden has given you a reprieve. Enjoy your freedom while you can! 😉

  • Thank goodness the beast goes into hibernation, otherwise they’d be scraping you up off the floor! Hopefully there’ll be a good novel at the end of the period though (no pun intended) when they can get into University sports on their own steam. You deserve a gold medal and never let them forget it!

  • I admire your committment. I am not that sort of my. I’d rahter stab mysel with a toothpick that live that double life of super sports mom and everything else. ow a days I show up everywhere with my laptop and sit off on my own. I don’t have the bandwidth to work the day job, wife and mom, and wirte. Somethings in my life had to give. I did laugh aloud when you said you saved your legs. I will not be complaining anytime soon that ‘I’m busy’. I can’t if I think of your sports schedule. I think you’re my shero.

    • Brenda, in the last year or two I have been sneaking off to a corner of the arena foyer to read or just staying in my car to write. I like your expression: “I don’t have the bandwidth” – I may have to steal it. I keep saying this will all end soon enough and then what will I do? Thanks for reading!

  • Love the shaved legs! (You don’t need to keep warm anymore… : )

    I’m doing a little happy dance too, although the hockey stick has been replaced by a lacrosse stick and a set of golf clubs.
    Glad you’re getting out and staying in and enjoying all the wonderful (strange?) free time between… ahh.. periods. : )

    • Yes, I’ll not be chasing down lacrosse sticks and golf clubs but am still doing stinky laundry: baseball gear, soccer gear and wrestling gear! I have to admit… it’s not as intense though! Thanks for popping over! ~A

  • Amen to that, sister! And thank the good Lord for hibernation of these little monsters that suck our souls out. I’m waiting for the monster that has been this college semester to quickly fall asleep. Just one more week and finals will be over and summer break will begin! Just one more week and hopefully, I too will be able to shave my legs. hee hee! I wonder how long that will take considering the last time I shaved Bush was in the White House! ha! 🙂

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