It’s that time of year again. Everyone is making New Year’s Resolutions. I see it all over social and print media. Not me. I fight the urge to create any lists. I no longer make New Year’s Resolutions. I’ve disappointed myself (and probably those around me!) far too often. If nothing else, I should resolve to not promise anything to anyone, including myself!

However, despite my abhorrence to New Year’s Resolutions, the same does not hold true for my friends making New Year’s resolutions. They seem to make New Year’s resolutions and think nothing of including me in their plans.

See, I invited a few friends and their spouses over for a causal and friendly New Year’s Eve celebration. As it happens when six women gather around a kitchen table (because that’s where our New Year’s Eve took place!), we drank some wine and had some laughs.  And apparently, we started making some plans.

In fact, now that I think about it, I had a very productive New Year’s Eve. I’m not sure how this happened, but in the course of a few hours I may have made some agreements (resolutions?) around the following:

  • Visiting Singapore, Bangkok and Phuket (so far so good);
  • Paying a visit to a naturopathic allergist;
  • Retiring to Arizona (with all my friends of course);
  • Something about curling lessons (apparently this is fun?!);
  • Getting entirely caught up on all episodes of Orange is the New Black, The House of Cards, 24, The Good Wife, and Downton Abbey. This is a lot of couch time for someone who doesn’t watch much TV;
  • And best of all: initiating, participating and concluding (yes, in one evening) a highly scientific research study on the merits of Goldschlager schnapps versus Fireball whiskey (the conclusion being that Fireball wins hands (or shot glass) down, though my research methods may have been somewhat flawed so I encourage you to undertake your own research in 2015 … invite me of course).

It remains to be seen whether any of these resolutions will hold for 2015, but one this is for sure: Forget Red Bull – champagne gives you wings!

Happy New Year!

6 Responses to Champagne gives you wings …

  • I agree with you about resolutions. If I make one, they usually get derailed by something of higher value or an event out of my control. I do make lists, but then get distracted as I complete them and/or make even larger lists by the time I’m done! My 2015 doesn’t start until the wee man gets back to school: tomorrow! Happy New Year my friend. xo

  • Astra, your New Year’s resolutions sound pretty good to me. Now, just to find the time to do all that. Your scientific research of course should be at the top of your list. Science is very important. Lol. I hope you have a great new year and stick to those resolutions, especially watching House of Cards – great show.

  • Indeed, whoever said bubbly didn’t give you wings, didn’t know a thing about bubbly! How I love me some fabulous Dom come the holidays! Too bad it’s so expensive! Ah, how I miss the good days when we actually spent our money on good spirits and make up! New Year’s resolutions? Not me. I’ve failed myself one too many times. This year I do hope to feel better and thus have more energy to write more. Now if only there was an easy way to accomplish this! Happy New Year, my friend! 🙂

    • Bella, I too hope that you’re on the mend and writing again! I really miss your posts. As for Dom-substitutes, I know there are none but I’ve grown fond of proseco 🙂
      Virtual toast to you !

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