I love this time of the year.  Not just because Spring has finally arrived but because our hockey year has ended for another season.  Enjoy this repost from this most wonderful time of the year last year.
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The minor hockey season is over!  Now that my daughter’s hockey season is over, I can briefly back off firing on all cylinders.

Do you know how I know that the minor hockey season is over?  I know because in this week alone –

  • I did not have to navigate hockey bags and water bottles to put my groceries in the car.
  • I ate dinner … sitting down.
  • I cooked dinner, not Mr. Mozzarella.
  • I made a dinner reservation for 2 people, instead of 40 people.
  • I took my bottle of wine out of the refrigerator, instead of a cooler.
  • I did not launder a single piece of UnderArmor.
  • Not once did I make a pit-stop to the skate sharpening shop.
  • I shaved my legs.

Yep, no doubt about it.  All these activities point to a sure sign that the minor hockey season is over.

Until this past 2012-2013 season, I had three kids in hockey, so August to April has always been a gong-show. If you add to that, the occasional stint in spring hockey and 4-on-4 hockey, then the season is extended through the end of June.

My non-hockey friends have all but left me for dead and the truth is, I’ve had to check my own pulse once in a while just to be sure.  Some days both the car and I were on autopilot.

During the hockey season, our attendance at family gatherings is prioritized according to a very misinterpreted scale of diminishing inheritance.  Friends’ dinner party invitations are almost always declined unless I am confident the hostess won’t blow a fuse if either my husband or I show up just as the food is being cleared from the table.

Spring sports haven’t quite geared up which means I an enjoying a brief respite (those few days between hockey and baseball ). I feel like I’ve surfaced for air and am actually accomplishing more than just treading water.  I feel n.o.r.m.a.l.

I know “normal” is short-lived, however.  I know this armistice is really just a tenuous treaty between me and my iCal, who swings from ally to enemy on an almost daily basis.  Soon Spring will hit the fan and I’ll be chasing down stray pieces of soccer and baseball equipment and back to logging on the miles driving to various clubs and lessons.

Not like we do between August and April, though.  No.  Hockey season is a formidable beast… and this beast is now in hibernation.

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