I find that grocery coupons are no longer widely distributed.  When I was young – I mean younger– I’m pretty sure my mom went to the grocery store every Thursday (payday) with a wallet-ful of them and saved our family a hefty sum of money.  I’m pretty sure that grocery coupons appeared in my mailbox even more recently but I quickly tossed them along with the weekly retail flyers.  Oh sure, once in a while I would put one in my wallet (for something I’m buying all the time anyway so might as well use it, right?) only, upon check-out, to completely forget that I had it.  Months later when I’m cleaning out my purse and wallet, there’s the coupon… expired, of course.  Maybe they no longer appear in my mailbox as regularly, possibly because I am not of the Pamper and Gerber buying demographic anymore.  Some marketing wizard probably realized most people are just like me and has advised food retailers and consumer products companies that they’re just not worth printing and distributing anymore. 


If you’re interested, the Internet contains thousands of sites worthy for the thrift-conscious.  I spent hours one evening, checking out various grocery coupon websites. ([“Well, someone has a little too much time on their hands”], I heard that).   Once you eliminate the US-only based sites, however, there were very few that I thought would help my cause.  After all this, I only had a couple of useful coupons in hand:  50¢ off Sourceyoghurt and $1 off Cheerios.  When I got to the grocery store with coupons in hand (not in wallet), I also found them neatly hovering the shelves right above the products! What a colossal waste of my time.


Here are a few sites I found that deal with Canadian products:






 Nevertheless, a dollar or two off here, a re-useable bag incentive there, and I’ve saved enough coins to buy a tin of concentrated orange juice.  The chits are happy…today.




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