May 13, 2011

Notes to self:

Clean underwear  – check!

Groceries done – check!

Cooler packed – check!

Wine packed  – check!

Running gear – check!

Spa wear – check!

Laundry done – check!

Cell phone – check!

Cell phone charger – check!

Gas topped up – check!

Coffee for the road – check!

Map – check!

Hotel  phone number for hubby – check!

Reading book – check!

Tabloid magazines – check!

Extra food in frig for kids – check!

Extra food in pantry for kids – check!

Alert neighbours of my absence – check!

Number for pizza delivery – check!

Emergency procedures reviewed with family – check!

Summary list of kids’ activities – check!

School homework overview – check!

Sunglasses – check!

Sun roof open – check!

Open road? Check!

Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss.

Love you!

See you Sunday!


2 Responses to Did I forget anything?

  • How about first aid kit, defibrillator, and instructions on how to dial 911? That’s what would be missing from my list considering the men I live with are always living on the edge! 🙂

  • You sound like me when I am living the homestead – why is it we ( us girls) have to make everything just for the hubby and the kids. I’ve come home after a trip only to return to be greeted with ‘What’s for dinner?’ or There is nothing in the Fridge?’ Of have you seen my…..? On another note, how is the training going?

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