blissdomThis past weekend I attended BlissDom Canada 2013’s conference in Mississauga.  I know what you’re thinking – what an awesome name for a sexapalooza show – but it’s not what you’re thinking. For those not in Bliss-know, BlissDom’s aim is to gather together Canadian bloggers and social media experts to celebrate a community through creativity, change and business development.

Oh yeah, and there was lots of socializing with some pretty kickass loot bags too.

As a newcomer, I went there not knowing what to expect but with an open mind and came away with a whole lot more to think about than my aging brain could process in two days. I was serious about exploring what to do with my humour memoir-in-progress and I think the sum of all the advice and collective wisdom from everyone at the conference boiled down to this:  just write the damn book already!

Okay, I get it.

Luckily, in addition to those loot bags, I came away from the weekend with a renewed sense of commitment to my project. What’s to be done about my book can truly wait until the book is actually finished being written.

Now, in addition to the extraordinary sense of community, phenomenal encouragement and inspiring speakers, it was also just kind of fun to be away from the normal routine of kids, jobs, school, hockey and housework for the weekend and meet new people.  Seriously, there’s nothing that can ignite your passion and spirit more than 400 people telling you that you have passion and spirit.

So why am talking about twerking?  Funny you should ask…

“What are you doing?!” asked my 13-year old daughter as I showed her a picture of me dancing at the final party at BlissDom 2013.  I told her I was ‘twerking’. She begged me to tell her I was just kidding.  Begged me.  Truth is, if I was twerking, I probably would be in traction right now, but I’m going to let her think I was twerking.  It’s fun to be away from the kids for a weekend.

I think I’m pretty inspired 🙂

BlissDom twerk

21 Responses to Did I twerk at Blissdom 2013??

  • Now you can shave one side of your head and hop a wrecking ball. Can non-Canadians com to blissdom? A friend wants to know.

  • I had a hoot dancing in our PJs together, Astra! How did I not know you’re from Ottawa?! Now I’ll be keeping an eye out for you here AND around town. Kindly wear your red PJ bottoms at all times to aid in the process (;

  • You’ve got quite a healthy relationship with your kids, Astra, I can tell. I love that you told your daughter you were twerking. What you’re really doing by saying that, is encouraging her creativity and imagination–and her sense of humor as well.

    So, if anyone asks me, I’ll vouch for you and say that you really were twerking. After all, I’ll say, I’m Canadian too, and therefore I was at the Blissfest or whatever it’s called. I was there! Yeah, that’s the ticket. 😉

  • Blissdom sounds awesome! This whole post made me smile! Now write that memoir with all that fabulous passion and spirit–I can’t wait to read it! 🙂

  • Love the pic. So fun.:)

  • Love the pic. So fun! : )

  • Sounds like the perfect creative spark! AND a whole lotta fun to boot! I need to check out something like that here for a re-boot. You are so cool. I wasn’t even sure what twerking was.
    Keep on twerking. Loved the photo!

  • It was so great meeting you at BlissDom and I completely agree with all of the observations you make here. I’m glad you found the motivation you needed to resume your writing project. I was a little torn myself. My dream, much like yourself, is to write a book one day. My short term goal is to start a website, promoting my own business. I felt like the short term goal was distracting me from my long term one, but it’s actually inspiring to read posts like yours which make me see the big picture. Ramble over. 🙂

  • Twerking needs to be banned from planet earth.

  • I absolutely loved whooping it up on the dance floor with you Astra! Running man, twerking and Salt N’ Pepa be damned! We had our A game on! Congrats on deciding to go kick some ass on the never know what a conference will bring you and we are excited to hear that this brought some new inspiration to the table! and now that I know you are in Ottawa, I think we need to hook up a PJ party in the market!

    • Serious fun, Jennifer; but also kudos for the organization. Aside from my personal take-aways, I was seriously impressed with the professionalism of all the attendees and their work. <3

  • You should also tell your daughter how the nice couple invited you up to their room with promises of ice cream 😉 We seriously had my 14 yr old daughter laughing her ass off when Justin’s Blissdom post was finally published & he referenced the strange looks he got inviting women up to our room. Okay, laughs & “ewwwwws” KIDS! lol
    It was so nice meeting you!

    • Likewise Dayna! Before Justin, it had been quite a while since any man had invited me to their room for some ice cream (oh wait, it’s never happened other than at Blissdom!)!

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