If there is domestic nirvana, Good Cleaning Lady she be.  I’ve been without this heavenly bliss since July (that’s right – JULY – don’t come visit!).  My husband and I have employed a cleaning lady since very early in our marriage.  For the first few years of our wedded life together, housecleaning was the only thing we fought about (I’ve matured now to the point that I have since found other mundane things to fight about).   I seemed to be doing it every weekend.  In 1991, $40 got your entire apartment cleaned, plus whatever laundry and ironing was lying around.  Of course the apartment was about 400 square feet; laundry was limited because we had all this disposable income for dry-cleaning and who, quite frankly, who irons anymore?  Fast forward almost 20 years now and our cleaning lady of 5 years leaves a voicemail saying she’s off to Germany for the month of August and will call me upon her return.  No sweat – we’re at the cottage for 2 weeks…how bad can things get?  Except…she does not call back at the end of August!  I let things go a couple more weeks until I am wading through dust bunnies and dog hair a foot deep.  I misplaced my daughter for a whole hour.  Finally found her after an anxious game of indoor Marco Polo!  . 

Our cleaning ladies have been the glue that keeps our marriage together – or just my uncomplicated version of the Other Woman I’m not sure.   It is entirely possible that this woman, after 5 years of promoting peace and non-violence in our matrimony has divorced us.

So since the end of August I’ve been the domestic Goddess around here.  Though after 4 hours of sweat labour, I feel more like a cross between the Tasmanian Devil and Pigpen.  I’m truly enlightened too:  a good cleaning lady may be hard to find but well worth the effort and way cheaper than marriage counseling.

Help Wanted!

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