If I cringe at the sound of the word “clutter”, imagine what the verb “de-clutter” does to me?  Mild weather always beings to mind Spring, which regrettably (for me) always brings to mind Spring Cleaning.  It’s not that I mind hard work but there is much anguish involved in this exercise.  I don’t mind emptying my closet of clothes I have not worn in a while and of which I have tired, but this annual ritual also reminds me that I have sadly outgrown many of these clothes (and not in height, either).  Some of my neighbours take to the post-winter task of yard clean up with commendable cheerfulness while I simply can’t even get out of the garage.  Seriously.  I can’t get out of the garage.  And so, this is where our spring task begins.

My kids are just starting their hockey playoffs schedule and we do intend to ski over the March Break and I am still very much in my Vancouver Olympics euphoria so I can delay GDC-Day (Garage De-Clutter Day) until at least April.  At some point in April, however, these inevitable tasks must take place:  the hockey equipment that has been outgrown must be disposed of and replaced and the has to be cleaned and stored until try-outs in the fall (except for those of crew playing spring hockey), snowboards, skis, helmets and boots must be moved to the basement, tobogganing and snow fort and snowman making paraphernalia must be washed and stored, and very thankfully the snow shovels and ice melting pellets can also be stowed away.  All these are necessary but are constant reminders to me of the ever-speeding passage of time.   Then the Blue Box, Black Box and Green Box will all be power-washed after winter’s harsh treatment and reassembled in their rightful places.  After all this clean up, we can stand back and admire our big, beautiful, clean 2-car garage!  That is, until we take down out the bicycles, scooters and rollerblades. 

I will enjoy those 10 minutes anyway.

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