This past Friday night, my three kids had no hockey commitments.  No, really.  No hockey.  I think the last time this happened, the moon was in the seventh house and Jupiter aligned with Mars.  Unfortunately and rather ironically, our 5th dimension (husband/father), was taking clients to the Ottawa Senators game against the Montreal Canadiens.  So the kids and I were left on our own to steer the stars.

The hockey calendar usually dictates our existence, and without any edict from Lord Zamboni, we were a little lost.  It requires considerable planning and negotiation to coordinate a joint-operation of our family’s Social Committee and considering the majority voting members are 15, 14 and 11 years old, I knew convening this group meant little or no thought would be devoted to my entertainment choices.  Even without my vote, consensus in our family is as achievable as a Stanley Cup victory for the Leafs (couldn’t resist).  After a brief meeting in the Situation Room over chicken parmigiana, we reached a tenuous agreement.  In the end, one of us stayed home to eat, sleep and game, and the other two decided on a movie; naturally, not the same movie.  That would have truly stretched our truth and understanding, sympathy and trust abounding.  How was this impasse resolved?  All hail The Devine Cineplex-Odeon, true Sovereign of Cinema, who delivered unto me 2 movies that started AND ENDED, 15 minutes apart. While I do pine for the old red velvet seats of reel-to-reel movie theatres, it is wonderful to have an abundance of choices. 

While my oldest joined some friends at Paranormal Activity 3 in an adjoining theatre, my Dear Daughter and I decided upon Puss In Boots, a newly released spin-off of the Shrek series.  And just so you know, that’s 1h34 minutes and $14.95+ of popcorn I’ll just never get back.  Because it was Friday night around 7 o’clock, I soon started nodding off and found myself fantasizing about having sex with a cat.  Yes, it was that good.  I mean the movie, not the sex with the cat.  I closed my eyes briefly and all I hear is the sound of Antonio Banderas (voice of Puss), purring to me something along the lines of “The winds of fate have blown on my destiny, but I will never forget you.  You are the one true love of my life” into my sweet reverie.  I am sticking to my mother-daughter bonding experience as the official reason for this outing, so she needn’t ever know that the ONLY reason I agreed to her choice was to hear that voice speak to me.  I know.  It’s sad.  So she and I shared some buttered popcorn and while she found the undeniable cuteness of the movie’s animation totally irresistible, I tried my best to savour every word spoken by the sexy furry feline, rejecting all thoughts that it was very possible that Antonio may, in fact, have been neutered.

So how was your Friday night?

Did I mention it was 3-D?  The movie, silly, not Antonio Banderas. 

Although …


14 Responses to Hockey and the Age of Aquarius

  • And you’re a hockey mom, too! LOL I am a hockey widow, not yet a hockey mom (though it’s coming sooner than I’d like to admit), and we had a non-snow-related day off this weekend as well. We spent it doing NOTHING.

    • Hi Kelly, I have done the same thing too! Why actually *plan* anything, if last-minute ice time was found for a practice, or another hockey or school-related event gets created?? The upside to this crazy schedule is the built-in excuse for why my house looks like it does from August to April 😉
      Thanks for stopping by!

  • I can relate to this…that surprise sweet joy when you find yourself without committments, but the bitterness of not knowing what to do with yourself!

    • Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment! Yes, my husband and I are already joking about the time when we will have no committments to our kids and will look at each other and say, “Who are you?”

  • I also remember what it was like to plan a weekend night when the kids were small. There were nearly ten years difference in age from the oldest to the youngest so movies got a little sticky. Still, we always seemed to find some sort of entertainment that worked for the entire spread of formative years, although “the baby” definitely took a crash course in growing up. Seems like great memories now…and a long time ago. Thanks for the fun post. Now I want to close my eyes and listen to Antonio purr!

    • Too funny Annie! I have told my daughter on many an occasion, “Yes, you can stay up and watch this movie but if I hear any of this language come out of YOUR mouth, you’ll be watching Disney G-rated until you’re 18!” or “If you dare tell your teacher I let you watch this movie, I will sooooooo deny it!” Oh, they might get picked on, but the babies of the family still know they have it good!

  • That Antonio is a sexy beast, feline or human….

  • You are my mom role model. As previously noted and whined about endlessly, I despise sports of any kind, except the intimate kind, and especially if it would involve my dearest, Antonio. He is just a doll. Have you seen Tie Me Up Tie Me Down? An early move made when he was still in Spain and unknown, but damn is he hot. Stop me.. I am getting lost in this voice. Anyway…. forget it, my train of thought is completely gone now. 🙂

    • I have not seen Tie Me Up Tie Me Down, no, but will check it out. The roles he chooses certainly surprises me! I leave you with one more Puss/Antonio quote for you to dwell on: “Fear me … if you dare!”
      Thanks for stopping by and getting lost 😉

  • Lady, I hardly think your sexual fantasies involved the cat. That’s what your self-conscious wants you to believe but I’m convinced it was Antonio Banderas himself who was responsible for stirring up these feelings! Seriously, the man is H-O-T! And he’s just like wine, he gets better with age! hee hee! I have no young daughter to use as an excuse to bond over this film, so I’ll admit that I will have to wait till it comes out on DVD and buy it. After all, is there anything sexier than a Spaniard whispering, “You are the one true love of my life”? And maybe, I’ll just wear a one of those snooze masks while the film plays and only listen to his voice. Oh Lord, see what you’ve started! 🙂

  • Waitin’ for the DVD…waitin’ for the DVD….
    Seriously to enjoy that sexy feline ( or what ev) voice in 3D surround sound all under the guise of mother/daughter night out is multi tasking at it’s *best* !!! The (sans hockey) stars were truly aligned…so happy you enjoyed 🙂
    ( ps: did I mention Hilary is doing an exchange in Spain…..I may be her serf :p )

    • Hilary? In Spain? With Spaniards? Honey, I don’ think she needs a serf, I think she needs a body guard! (Maybe two! You and me?! When’s she going ??!!)

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