(Photo credit to Godello.ca)

(Photo credit to Godello.ca)

For some reason, hockey moms have a teensy weensy reputation for drinking. I sure I didn’t start it but may have contributed to that rumour over the course of my hockey mom years. Perhaps it comes from that little shot of brandy in the coffee to get you through a 6AM practice or maybe the Canadian beer smuggled across the border for the Rochester tournament or very likely having to squeeze a dozen or so women into a hotel room to socialize. Whatever the reason, there’s usually a good story.

I realize it’s just the beginning of the hockey season and nothing could have possibly gone wrong yet, right? But once in a while, a hockey mom’s day goes so terribly offside that some liquid relief is necessary. The inspiration for this post came from a viral posting on some pretty hysterical wine pairings written by Jeff W. As a veteran hockey mom, I’m here to help with your hockey mom wine pairings.

The setting:  You’ve been driving through blinding snow all the live-long day and finally get to the hotel. You do not want to be asked, “Do you have a reservation?” Obviously you have a reservation. You’re also obviously the last one here since the only parking spot left is in another time zone. There were no trolleys in the lobby, they’re all the second floor being used as bumper cars by the three Atom teams staying there. As you approach the front desk whisking sopping wet hair away from your eyes, breathlessly muttering, “Ughhh what a drive! I cannot wait to get out of these clothes,” to the front desk clerk, who peers over a computer with apathy since you’ve obviously interrupted a really good part of episode two of season seven of Grey’s Anatomy. “I don’t seem have a reservation for you. Are you sure you’re at the right hotel?” Oh, dear God.

The Drink: Crown Royal Special Reserve

Pairs nicely with desperation and lost hotel reservations

The setting: Somehow you’ve driven all the way to the hockey arena without your child’s hockey stick. It’s their job to put it in the car right? So if their signature top-shelf wrist shot doesn’t make its mark because they had to borrow their teammate’s back up stick which is either three sizes too small or too large, that is not your problem.

The Drink:  Three Sticks 2012 Chardonnay

Pairs nicely with incessant nagging

The setting: You’re sitting through your third minor hockey game of the day. Now you’ve been tossed out of a game by the referee. You’re not THAT hockey parent, you’ve never been THAT hockey parent – something just snapped. Call it exhaustion. Call it frustration. But call a spade a spade – it was still inexcusable. Now you’re totally embarrassed and you just want to slink into the back seat of your car and cool your jets … and steal the fifth of vodka from your oldest son’s backpack. You’ll like this one – just don’t drink the whole bottle and then go back into the arena to apologize.

The drink:          Polar Ice Vodka (best consumed right out of the bottle)

Pairs nicely with remorse and embarrassment

The setting: Your child has just advanced to the next round of playoff hockey. This is entirely unexpected given their regular season play but – still – you’re really excited for them. Until you discover that the playoff games conflict with the girls’ weekend you’ve been planning for months (assuming the hockey season would be over). After 80 emails you’ve come to the realization that there’s no changing the date. You’re just going to have to suck it up and tell your husband he’s on his own.

The drink: Dog House White VQA (husbands are equally if not more familiar with this varietal)

Pairs nicely with – um – being in the dog house.

So as you can see, I am clearly an expert hockey oenologist. Let me help you! Whatever your hockey mom situation, I am certain I can find the drink for you! Leave your hockey mom traumas in the comments and I will prescribe the right remedy for you. Oh, and cheers, by the way!!


Please drink responsibility and know your options for getting home from hockey safely!


14 Responses to Hockey Mom Wine Pairings

  • Hee! Hilarious :).

  • What a fun post! I’ll have to share it w. several friends who are hockey moms!!! 🙂 Cheers!

  • Goalie Moms.
    We are a special breed…
    Lol what do you suggest? 😉

    • Ah, goalie moms. I have a soft spot in my heart for goalies having been a goalie mom of three goalies (yes, you read that right!). Wine pairing?
      I highly recommend a glass of full-bodied red wine a day coupled with a child aspirin. Pairs nicely with compromised cardiovascular health and high blood pressure 😉
      Thanks for reading!

  • This is positively hilarious!

  • What do you suggest to go with: driving 2 hours each way to practices and games 2-4x a week? (Usually through a snowstorm, as it tends to only dump copious amounts of snow on those travel days!)

    • Wow. That’s a hockey mom! Once you’re safely parked, I recommend Vintages Henry’s Drive H Syrah 2012 (Australian) which we will forever more now nickname, Tabi’s Drive. Pairs nicely with white knuckles and dedication.

  • What would you suggest for a mom who has two daughters playing on two different teams in the same tournament! And many times they play at the same time in different arena’s!

    • Yikes! You need to read my book and specifically the chapter called Angels of Hockey where I was left with three kids and three tournaments (10 games in 36 hours) while my husband was in Florida golfing!
      I feel for you and therefore I recommend Angels Gate Revenge White (Canadian), pairs nicely with miracles. Or perhaps Scott Dijon Clone Chardonnay (USA), pairs nicely with human cloning 🙂
      Good luck!

  • Locks froze on the car door. Have to get to the game because my son says they can’t win without him. Husband drives while I sit in the back seat with my 5 year old holding both back doors closed . Did I mention it’s a blizzard and the car is not meant for snow. Sold the truck and new one hasn’t arrived. It doesn’t snow where we live.

    • Oiy! That’s a tough one because A) You’re driving, and B) your hands are busy and can’t hold a drink! I recommend your celebrate the arrival of the new truck with Pick Up Truck Pilsner (Thornbury Village Cider Inc.). Pairs nicely with vehicle safety and a sigh of relief. (A a hot chocolate with whipped cream for your two little co-pilots!)

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