My recent blog post hallucinating about the end of hockey season was perhaps a little too Sheen-esque.  I’m feeling a little more charitable after a solid week with no hockey, a great day skiing, and only two games left in the season. 

During the off season, those 45 days between late June and mid-August, I know my friends and family may actually find me more tolerable as I won’t be able to end every rant with “This damn hockey schedule is going to be the death of me…”.  I know I’ll have to endure at least one of them saying, “Oh, we thought you died” when we see each other over the summer.   While I am looking forward to the end of hockey season, there are, in truth, a few things that I will miss in our hockey hiatus such as

  1. Regular emails from one of my kids’ coaches that always begin, “Gidday folks!  How’s she goin’?”  No matter what kind of day I’m having, I can’t help but smile when I see his emails.
  2. A full hockey agenda trumps house cleaning hands-down.  It is my standing excuse that disappears once the hockey season is over and I seriously have to get the dust mop out.  Pray I don’t find my daughter’s hamster among the mess.
  3. Those quick trips to the grocery store for celery, baby carrots, peppers, ranch dip, potato chips and Fruitopia.  To which the cashier always quips, “Yep, looks like a hockey party to me…”
  4. Wearing fleece-line jeans.  They are a throw-back to the ‘70’s for sure but oh-so-cozy and warm. In fact, I may take them to the cottage for those cool morning coffees on the dock!
  5. Blaming my perio-menopausal bitchiness on 6am practices and lack of sleep.  Oh dear; I have only a small window of time to come up with an alternative, marriage-saving excuse.
  6. The sympathetic nods that always follow my declaration, “All 3 of my kids are goalies…”, which seemingly absolves me of any wrong doing or peculiar sideways glances during games.
  7. A fluctuating Body Mass Index.  Comfort food is vital sustenance during the hockey season and if I have a poutine for breakfast on Saturday morning, no one bats an eye.  My fitness regime as well is entirely schedule-permitting.  I will regret these lifestyle choices as I am hauling out the deck furniture!
  8. Having the hockey gear and goalie pads double as guardrails for my groceries.
  9. Hockey tournament weekends away – God, I love a good road trip!
  10. The familiarity of my kid’s winter laundry:  UnderArmor, pajamas, sweats, UnderArmor, pajamas, sweats, UnderArmor, …
  11. The rapid accumulation of points on my Subway card.
  12. Eavesdropping on teenagers conversations during carpooling.  Lordy, what a mum can learn by keeping her mouth shut and ears open!and the thing I will miss the most?
  13. A level of alcohol consumption that is entirely tolerated.  Is it a bad thing that the staff at the local LCBO knows me by name?  or occasionally point out,  “We missed you last weekend …”?  God, I hope they don’t forget me over the summer!

 I will always have Stompin’ Tom to exalt me to my superior class status… “My hockey mom, ain’t she a plum? Forever young, my hockey mom.” 

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