A gentle breeze is blowing today.  I sense its soft breath puff onto my face, seeking to divert my attention away from my summer reverie.  I know this breeze and I am not fooled for a minute. I know this breeze will soon become a wind, transferring its energy to my still waters, causing friction between the molecules of my calm Summer and my gusty Fall.  It begins as a ripple; the genesis of a wave, but soon evolves.  The winds will become stronger; causing more friction, creating a white cap.  It’s likely a storm will course its way forward, causing larger waves, and then they will crash their churning, frothy mess on the shore only to be wrenched backward subsiding into calm waters once again.  I know not to turn my back, for this surf will only rise again.  The minute I look away, it will sneak up and knock my warm and wooly socks off.

The hockey season is upon me.

It’s extraordinary how the National Hurricane Center tries to create an up-close and personal experience with hurricanes by giving them a name.  How could something so sweetly tagged evoke such anxiety, tension and fear?  So I’ve been thinking (pre-season generously affords me a few moments to do so).  If the National Hurricane Center can assign names to hurricanes, why should I not assign a name to the whirlwind tempest that is our annual hockey season?  Rather than plagiarize from the list published by the Center, I was thinking I should use the name of the NHL’s first round draft pick.  Not a bad idea, but for the fact I can’t see myself running around all winter writing about my Hurricane first-ever-first-round-draft-pick-with-hyphenated-name-Nugent-Hopkins.  So rather than complicating an already complicated time of the year, it just comes down to plain old simplicity:  Season 11 is beginning to form.  Season 11 – my 11th season as a hockey mom.  “Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night stays the courageous [hockey moms] from the swift completion of their appointed [ice times]…” as I continue to deliver at least 1 goalie to each of our three yet to be appointed teams!

Let’s play …

4 Responses to I bring you the weather forecast …

  • I’ve often thought that being a mother and weathering the storms of our family’s lives and all those things that we do is something like a hurricane. There are some weeks when I reach Friday amazed that I am still standing, but I am and still have energy left over for more. I am not a lover of the cold (growing up in Southern California) and cringe at the thought of all winter sports. I am more of a beach, blanket, bingo, sort of woman. Have fun and stay warm.

    • Soon after posting this, I read your post on ‘where were you 10 years ago’ … yours is a very different perspective on “storms” and it is a credit to you for weathering them! Thanks for stopping by! ~A

  • It always seemed to me that Fall was such a hectic time. The anxiety grew during that long stretch of Labor Day weekend, which came to a close and then Wham! Right into back-to-school activities, teacher meetings, sports, school supplies, and endless forms that needed to be filled out PRONTO or your child could not participate in this and that. It certainly can be likened to a hurricane! Speaking of that…you are right about those cute names they give hurricanes. Why don’t they name them more appropriate names like “Take-off-those-shoes-and-run-for-the-root-cellar-sister!” or “Bless-your-butt-goodbye-this-is-a-doozy!”

  • After a break, we are back to being a soccer family. And if my daughter has her way, we will be a soccer family for some time.

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