I’m a weiner!

I mean, whiner (that’s actually true).

No! Wait!

Winer (that’s actually really true)!

Actually, I am a winner!

I’d like to thank God and the Academy …. Oops … wrong speech.  Wait a minute.

I’m thrilled, and very humbled, to reveal that both Annie who is Annie Off Leash! and Kelly aka Ahimsa Mama have so kindly presented me with the Versatile Blogger award, though I’ve been a little slipshod in acknowledging them for doing so. As a relative neophyte in this writing blosphere, I consider this a tremendous honour and I thank them for this tribute, and for their ongoing readership and support!  You should visit their sites (not now, though, keep reading).

In accepting this Versatile Blogger Award, I am to thank those who bestowed the award upon me, to divulge to readers seven things that most people may not know about me, and to pass on the award to 15 other writers whose blogs I admire, and therefore so should you.

First off, now that I’ve posted a Dear 16-Year Old Me letter, some of my secrets have come out of the closet (the rest should probably stay out in there at least for a while), however, here are seven things most people don’t know about me:

  1. I am a closet BeeGees fan (it’s true; RIP dear Maurice).
  2. A friend of mine and I won a High School Spirit Week cake decorating contest by decorating banner and beanie -shaped cakes in our school colours. We got our picture in the local newspaper. I have loved cake decorating ever since and recently made this XBox Controller-shaped cake for my son.  I swear my own birthday seems to come about eight times a year so I’ve been trying to forget them of late, but I know birthdays are uber-special to kids.  And so for my kids, I want their birthdays to continue being special (until they tell me otherwise)!
  3. I almost drowned off the coast of Cape Hatteras when I was about 6 years old having been caught up in the treacherous undertow. My father saved my life. I still love Cape Hatteras but have since held a healthy respect for the power of the ocean.
  4. Of the 48 years I have slept on this earth, I have had my own bedroom for all but 45 of them.  Seriously.  Sister, roommates, boyfriends, husband, children … the string of those that have slept with me since I was born is shocking.
  5. I was diagnosed Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome a year into trying to conceive my first child. I should think that the fact that I now have 3 healthy children gives hope to those with PCOS who have been told they will never conceive, or will have great difficulty conceiving.
  6. I played the baritone and trombone in high school.  To this day, I don’t know what the song is about, but think I could still probably pull off Chicago’s “25 or 6 to 4” if I was drunk enough needed to.
  7. I lived in New York City… twice. While at Cornell, I did a 6-month internship for a restaurant company in 1986 and lived at the 92nd Street Y. After graduating, I returned to New York City and worked for my former boss at her new company for 6 months before joining Hilton.  It was the best of times; it was the worst of times … then the best of times once again!  Scariest and most awesome city in the world!

So either these 7 things will endear me to you, or just explain a whole lot!  Moving on …

Now for the fun part:  I want to share  15 wonderful blogs that also deserve this award and ones that I hope you will soon visit.  You might notice my list is female-dominated – that’s just the way it is.  I also know many of them (most of them, in fact) already proudly display their Versatile Blogger award, but you will certainly not be disappointed in the time and attention you spare for their prose.

  1. Bella gives us One Sister’s Rant
  2. Brenda describes to us her Passionate Pursuits
  3. KG tells all in  My Sweet Cheap Life and inspired me to dive into the writing world, blog first.
  4. Elizabeth is Yo Mama
  5. You can Find Catharsis with Laura
  6. Monica’s weaves a Tangled Web
  7. The The Gourmand Mom can cook and be a great mom
  8. June is holding The Neurosis File
  9. Meagan is Choosing to Grow
  10. Dani is The Girlfriend Mom
  11. The Mama Wolfe teaches us
  12. Amber shares with her Crappy Pictures
  13. Brianne reminds us of the Presence of Magic
  14. Tracy is Lost In Suburbia
  15. Read the writing with the Sarcasm Goddess

Thanks again, Annie and Kelly for this award, and to all of you for reading!

21 Responses to I’m a Wiener!

  • You rock, my dear! Congratulations on the award! It is very deserved!

  • Thanks for sharing some things about yourself! I have a couple of blog awards to pick up also, and admit I have been lax – probably because there’s some work involved. You have given me the necessary shove to move forward!

  • Glad you like your award, Astra! It was a pleasure to pass it your way. I learned a little bit more about you and that is always fun. Love the blogs you want to share with others. Enjoy!

  • I don’t know all of these writers but I will soon. Thank you kindly for the mention. You are one of the first blogs I found and started reading, and you have always returned to mine, which I appreciate beyond words. I loved what you shared. It’s amazing to me that we write and write, become connect through words and comments, but we know so little about the person. I am a closet ABBA fan, so I hang my head in shame alongside of you. Congrats on the award.

  • Astra, first of all, congratulations on your award! I loved discovering new details about your personal life! I’m nosy, I mean curious, that way! hee hee! Hey, I love the Bee Gee’s! I dance to their tunes most nights and “Staying Alive” is my all time favorite song to dance to when I put on my nightly kitchen dance performance! I am tickled pink to be in the company of such esteemed bloggers. How utterly fantastic! I’m grateful for the honor, lady. I love your blog. Every time I read it, I’m reminded me of Erma Bombeck and as far as I’m concerned, that means your writing’s damn good! 🙂

  • Astra, thank you very much! I laughed a bit when you mentioned Cornell…I teach my students the Cornell notetaking style, and I don’t think they really believed me that it was actually a college (we’re in CA) until another student received an admissions info packet from them!
    Thanks again for the award…I am honored.

    • Thanks mamawolfe … I must admit I don’t think I was ever taught the Cornell notetaking style while at Cornell! But I wish your student success in their acceptance – it’s a phenomenal university (but a long way from California)!!

  • Astra, thanks so much for passing the award on to me! I am really honored a) that you read my blog and b) that you thought enough of it to crown me a Versatile Blogger! Since I have written every detail of my not so amazing life in my column, blog, and book, I’m not sure I can come up with seven little known facts about myself to share with people, but I will certainly try. Unfortunately I do not have a secret Bee-Gee past (although when I was younger, I did sing Barry Manilow tunes with alarming frequency!).

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you for the award! And I must say, I also almost drowned in the ocean when I was nine. We were in the Bahamas, and I have no idea why, but my grandparents let me go off and swim by myself. What were they thinking?! Probably that my grandmother is unnaturally afraid of water and didn’t want to be by it. At any rate, I got caught up in the undertow and couldn’t tell which way was up for a bit. Luckily, I had taken swim lessons since I was a toddler, so I was a pretty strong swimmer. Still love the water, but also have a respect for the ocean. Don’t swim in it anymore, even when I lived in FL.

  • I can relate to the almost-drowning myself, although that’s not what kept me reading your post. Congratulations! I’m also new to blogging and new to hanging my words out for all the world to see. You’re on a roll!

  • Awww, thanks for the shout-out! And I am so honoured that I helped you dive into the blogging world. You totally deserve your award, congratulations! And why have we not enjoyed Bee Gee listening marathons? Who could not love the brother’s Gibb? (I was huge Andy Gibb fan as well)

  • Astra…thanks so much for thinking of me! I am TOTALLY challenged to have an acceptance speech that is even half as good as yours is. I’ll for sure let you know when I can make my attempt…you did a lot of work on this post, and I LOVED getting to know even more about you! MMF

  • Thank you Astra- what an awesome honor. And what’s wrong with the BeeGees? Say it loud and proud. Yes, NYC can be scary but is mostly the best city in the world. And holy crap nuggets, the Chicago song, 25 or 6-2-4 is my American Express password! Maybe I shouldn’t have printed that.

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