There comes a time when every woman must own up to her weakness. Today is my time .. and you are my weakness.

I’ll be honest, the first day I laid eyes on you, I wasn’t entirely sure I would like you, let alone come to love you. You are not the type I’m usually attracted to but there was something about your sheer ruggedness that won me over. I was simply no match for your resourcefulness or your uncanny ability to be always in the right place and the right time.

My life was falling apart when I came to know you and I was surprised how quickly you put it back together. Like Amazing Grace, I once was lost but now am found. Oh, I know you had but one purpose in mind when you came into my life, but how quickly that evolved into so many other things. Whatever was in pieces around me and in my life, quickly became whole again, just by your simple touch. We’ve stuck it out, through thick and thin. So for better or for worse, I pledge to you my faithfulness.

How did I arrive at such devotion? Well, as in all relationships, it started with the little things:

Like the time my purse handle snapped on a cold, winter’s morning in the parking lot. You were there for me.

Like the time the sole of my son’s boot came off. You were there for me.

Like the time my laundry room sink kept dripping incessantly. You were there for me.

Like the time I ran out of scotch tape to wrap my son’s birthday gift. You were there for me.

Like the time my hem fell apart on my dress pants just before a big meeting. You were there for me.

Like the time I couldn’t watch TV because the batteries kept falling out of my remote. You were there for me.

Like the time I had to leave a note on the garage door telling my kids I went to the grocery store. You were there for me.

Like the time I accidently tore the cover of a library book. You were there for me.

And, how could I forget the time my bedroom lamp socket wobbled. Oh, how you were there for me.

So now I find you indispensable and I know I can never live without you in my life …

my beloved …

my righteous …

my steadfast …

my hockey tape.


Yep, hockey season is about to begin.

hockey tape


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