I just can’t resist.

As my 50th birthday looms in the not-too-distant future, I am thinking of the milestones I had hoped to achieve in my life by now.  I’ve got most of the important ones covered:  Grade 8 trip to Quebec City,  a degree, Europe, career, husband, car, kids, house, and a little money in the bank.   True, I want to make sure I can walk to the bathroom on my own steam, and wipe my own drool off my chin, so I should leave those on the list.  But seriously, what else is there?

Well, come to think of it, there is one little thing I might like to do.  I’m thinking maybe I might play professional hockey in the NHL.  Oh yeah,  I think I could pull it off.

Did anyone else happen to catch this sports story about the 51-year old beer league goalie called up as an emergency back-up for a real NHL game?  I am not kidding.   In a sequence of unusual events, the Minnesota Wild hockey team found themselves needing a back-up goalie because their #1 couldn’t play and it was touch and go as to whether their call-up would get there on time.   Though Paul Deutsch did participate in the pre-game warm-up, the Wild’s call-up from the farm team was actually able to make it the game just in the nick of time.  Somewhere in the NHL rule book it states that the emergency backup goalie cannot be one with professional experience. Swear to God this only happens in hockey.  Poor Paul was relegated back to the equipment room to change out of his suit of armour.

As a mom to 3 goalies, I’ve weathered their share of disappointments at not being invited onto certain competitive teams.  Now this here’s just the kind of inspiration I can give them, being the amazing hockey mom that I am!  I can now tell them to think about Paul Deutsch and his 15-minutes of pre-game warm-up glory.  Maybe one day that will be one of my kids.   

I’ll be the happiest 83-year old hockey mom out there!



12 Responses to Keep the dream alive!

  • I love these stories of slight chances. Life is all about being in the right place at the right time.

    • It’s true isn’t it? Although I have since heard that this particular 51-year old goalie was a golfing buddy of the coach. Oh well.

  • I loved this post! My fingers are crossed for your boys!

  • I still dream of being a professional dancer (at 45), and professional ice skater. SO yes, it’s imperative to keep the dream alive. Thanks for the read.

  • I want to be one of those people who finds their moment unexpectedly. This is one of those stories that gives hope to us still waiting and wondering.

  • And I will be your 88 year old cyber friend rejoicing over your kid’s hockey victory…or else I’ll be drooling all over my Afghan shawl while waiting to gum some jello! Seriously, that is a pretty impressive list of things you have accomplished in your first 50 years. Maybe new goals will surface…or maybe you will just enjoy the moment and sit back and smile at your beautiful life. Regardless, you better keep writing!

    • Thank Annie! Perhaps we’ll both be drooling over Afghan shawls! And what need have you for an Afghan shawl in California, anyway???
      Thanks for reading!

  • Hilarious! I especially like the visual of the 83-year-old Mamma proudly cheering on her beer-league goalie kid.
    We chuckled about this story in our house too. We live in Minnesota, and my 41-year-old goalie-playing husband (who is preparing for ACL reconstruction next week) has noted the potential for hope with a full recovery and then a call-up!! (chuckle, chuckle) I’ve told him he is serving the game of hockey just fine as a coach 🙂 Thanks for sharing this…and for passing on the word about the survey. There are already sooo many more Canadians on the survey (thanks to you!) MMF

    • It’s an amazing story if for nothing other than its sheer unliklihood! Good luck to your man and ACL surgery!
      Many of your new survey participants have emailed me back expressing interest in the results, so I sure hope you keep us here north of the border posted on your progress!
      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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