According to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), the most dangerous jobs in Canada are in the construction, manufacturing and transportation sectors.  Surprisingly, no mention of mascots.

toufou1I was shocked when I discovered recently that Toufou, the beloved moose mascot of Tremblant Ski Resort in the beautiful Laurentians north of Montreal, now has security detail assigned to him. Evidently being a mascot is more of a high-risk occupation than I thought. Zut alors!

Everyone makes fun of mascots; it’s not just me, right? They’re obnoxious and kind of freaky but I don’t want to see them hurt. Except the one who knock over my beverage … him I want to hurt.

My daughter was a TouFou-stalker, but a I’m-a-cute-three-year-old kind of stalker. The minute we’d arrive at Tremblant, she’d look for that crazy moose everywhere and if she caught sight of him, she’d knock over everything in her path to get to him (including my beverage).  As a 12-year old, she now understands fully that TouFou is not a real moose, but it is still an annual tradition for her to have her picture taken with him.

So upon arrival to Tremblant over March Break, we strolled about the pedestrian village and it did not take too long for our first TouFou sighting. As my daughter posed for her annual photo with Moosey (as she still affectionately refers


to her childhood friend), I joked with his security guard: “Mais voyons donc! TouFou’s making the big time now, eh? Needs security?” The security guard nodded but was not offering up any details about would not offer up any information as to his raison d’être.

As March Break lore goes, TouFou once got a little too personal with a few ladies who were dancing to the music in Place St. Bernard square. Seems the boyfriend of one of those ladies (probably after too many trips to the dépanneur) did not appreciate TouFou’s mingling with his lady and decided to teach that maudit TouFou a lesson toute de suite. Even worse, instead of telling simply telling their friend to manger de la marde, a whole group of his buddies joined in in giving TouFou an old-fashionable mascot thrashing.

I sure hope TouFou wasn’t seriously hurt but it certainly explains why he is now accompanied everywhere by someone whose vision is not impaired by a 2-foot wide head. But I also couldn’t help laughing at the stupidity of this obviously drunker-than-a skunk (or moose) reveller.

Just imagine the conversation with his girlfriend:

GF: “Seriously? C’est quoi ton problème?”

BF: “Well, he was – like – trying to grab your butt!”

GF: “Grab my butt. Really. With his paw. Uh-huh.”

BF: “I don’t like you dancing with other guys.”

GF: “Other guys? or just 7-foot tall biped moose?”

And what would a father say to his son after such a brawl?

Father: “Nice shiner, Son! What did the other guy look like?”

Son: “Uh, well gee Dad, I honestly didn’t get a good look at him”, which is probably safer than “he wasn’t wearing any pants but I’m pretty sure he had antlers”.

Franchement! But honestly don’t feel too bad for poor TouFou, he still gets all the girls!

As for the stupid idiot that prompted Tremblant to assign security to TouFou? Well, thanks to his girlfriend and father, he’ll be in therapy for years … once he’s out of juvie, that is.


9 Responses to Mascot Confidential

  • That’s hilarious! Well, not for TouFou, your imagined conversation that is. I’m thinking they’re not dating anymore.

  • Delightful, charming and well told. Love the conversation between the idiot and his girlfriend. Testosterone really is the stupid drug. So enjoyed the splashes of French. Such a beautiful language. I attempted to learn it while in high school a couple of centuries ago, but was not a serious student of anything at that time unfortunately.

    • Yes, March Break at ski resorts is probably only second in stupidity to March Break at beach resorts! Merci for your lovely comments! A bientot, mon amie 🙂

  • Are you sure it’s a security detail? In my line of work we use “costumed characters” on occasion. Like Curious George and Cat in the Hat. And, they don’t have security but they do need escorts. Someone that guides them so they don’t fall over, and keep the kids at bay when they throw their arms around them and squeeze so tight the blood flow becomes in danger of ceasing. So maybe it was just an escort accompanying Toufou? In any case, sure made for a funny post!

    • You’re probably right, Monica. I can’t imagine it’s easy to see properly out of a moose’s mouth. His vision seems less impaired around the pretty young ladies though 😉

  • This reminded me of the security detail around the characters at Disney World. I never could decide if it was to protect them from us, or vice versa. Funny!

  • I am always in awe of conversations I drop in on uninvited, like this one.. I makes me wonder why, and then of course, what people think when they drop in on mine. Mine are not of this caliber, rather more kooky, still. You know when your daughter realizes your called her a cute stalker you’ll be in big trouble. 🙂

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