Thinking of going to see a movie tonight?

My daughter wanted to celebrate her first weekend at home alone (with me) since her older brothers went off to university. I can’t blame her. I know I did the same when my sister, a year older than me, left for university leaving me with a whole bedroom to myself for the first time. In. My. Life.

So last weekend, we decided on dinner and a movie since my husband was out of town and it was just the two of us. Yes of course I considered a girls’ weekend away, but our poor family dog has been traumatized by the disappearance of two of his humans so we thought it best to throw him a bone and stick around to support him in his grief. According to my daughter, the recommended therapy also involved the three of us sleeping in my bed.

Deciding on a movie with a fifteen year old is about as easy as me fitting into my favourite jeans these days. We viewed no less than eight movie trailers and as the hour of our dinner reservation drew near, agreement seemed doubtful. I really wanted to see Trainwreck because I really want to be Amy Schumer’s drinking buddy (she doesn’t know about that yet though). Apparently this movie is not suitable for a fifteen year old though and I didn’t want her to be stigmatized by a CAS intervention.

Do you know what we finally agreed upon, other than a large buttered popcorn, of course?

We went to see Inside Out. That’s right. We went to see a Disney-Pixar movie. A teenage girl and her mother on a Friday night. (Watch the trailer here.)

The movie is told almost entirely from the perspective of eleven-year old Riley’s emotions, Fear, Disgust, Sadness, Anger and Joy who all reside at Headquarters (her mind). But Inside Out is no cowboy and spaceman movie. Simply, it’s a tale of the woes of being a kid moving to a new town. But while I was entertained by the sincerity and humour of the plot, I was dazzled by how its creators revealed the many complexities of the conscious mind, long term memories, the recall tube, and train of thought (all given a significant role – albeit animated – in the movie).

It was a perfect movie for the two of us as we missed my boys, her brothers. It got us talking about the important role that all the emotions plays in our lives – provided they’re balanced – and how stressful it really is to feel compelled to demonstrate only one emotion all the time (like Joy, whose voice is none other than my other best friend, Amy Poehler). The movie would only have been rendered ‘perfect’ if Riley had been a Canadian hockey player instead of a Minnesotan, but let’s not let disgust ruin our joy.

I laughed, I cried and so did my date. Inside Out will make you feel all good inside … and out. Go see it. “Meet the little voices inside your head.” It will make you play with your mind … in a good way.


Photo credit to Disney
Photo credit to Disney

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