There is discontentment amongst the crew.  I suspect the deckhands are plotting a rebellion.  Meanwhile, in truth, I’m just fantasizing about café latte.


My kids have been a little testy at breakfast without their butter croissants and fresh strawberries.  I don’t feel sorry for them – croissants are not good for you and strawberries have no business being on my table in March. 


The boys were invited to a Senators game and I told them I could spare them each $5.  I thought it fairly charitable given our 14.66/day budget.  They did not share my enthusiasm when they discovered that bottled water cost $4 at Scotiabank Place.  They were quick to figure out, however, that by splitting their treats, they felt like they had two.  Lord knows how my husband survived without a beer (or did he I wonder?).


Our family groovy movie night without microwave popcorn is not so Norman Rockwell anymore.  No amount of melted butter could make air-popped corn taste as good.


Now my daughter is eyeing the calendar.  “How many more days until this stupid project is over?” she asks.  While they long to celebrate Christ’s resurrection, I bet they’re pooling their piggy banks and plotting my crucifixion. 


Whoa!  Did I spy a Tim Horton’s receipt in my husband’s vehicle? 


Even my local Independent is plotting against me as they now charge 25¢ for coffee to offset the cost of the cups!


After buying some fruits, vegetables, milk, eggs and bread I am down to $40 to month-end.  There is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow though:  I pulled a Starbucks coupon for a free coffee out of Maclean’s magazine today1.


1 Offer valid at participating locations only. Void where prohibited, taxed, or restricted.  Do they think this is funny??

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