olive-oylWith a new week started and another $102.66 to spend, I am off to the grocery store for my last FULL week of shopping on our Lent Project budget.  I am faced with yet another quandary.  I have a guest coming for dinner Saturday evening.  The menu is rather simple, spaghetti, bread and salad.  My guest has graciously offered to bring the wine (“YES!” says I) and dessert (“YES!” say my kids).  I am, however, completely out of all manners of salad dressing.  Make my own is easy enough, but I am also out of olive oil.  Have you seen the price of olive oil?  I need olive oil.  I have two choices:

  1. Buy the olive oil.  I simply cannot make her bring the olive oil too.  Yet buying olive oil would diminish my budget for the remainder of the week to about $15 (for 4 days).  Dicey but doable (Behold!  The tuna casserole!).
  2. Buy an extra bottle of wine for the same price or cheaper and use vegetable oil…. After this and the bottle she brings, neither of us will be the wiser.  The wobblier, perhaps. 

Option 2 it is.  I’m so glad I thought this one out.

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