Everyone needs a little more yoga in their life.  I need more yoga in my life. I have been practicing yoga for almost 10 years now and I like all things yoga. Well, almost all things. I love the comfortable clothes. I love the dimmed, romantic lights in the studio. I like the calm, peaceful music and the tranquility that it induces. I love lying down and stretching tense muscles.  I love the lavender eye pillows my new yoga studio has for corpse pose.  I really love how calm I feel immediately after class.  Usually lasts about 10 minutes…

After 10 years, though, I still get frustrated though sometimes. There are a lot of rules in yoga.  Like breathing.  I forget that sometimes.  Then there are the poses that make me want to laugh out loud, “Are you kidding me?! Who the hell can do that?!” only to look around and realize that just about everyone can do that.  My balance sucks.  While I do appreciate the calming voice of the teacher, I have to ask, “Does she always talk like that or just during class?” 

You know though, yoga is a little like school.  You have to get through the class to go out for recess.  Same goes with Savasana.  You have to get through yoga to get to savasana!  Yoga nirvana! 

So I will keep up with my practice just so I can keep going out for recess!  Patience, young butterfly

Shanti. Shanti. Shanti

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