Text abbrevI consider myself multilingual.  Studies support the fact that, as a result of speaking 3 languages, I should be able to up them other languages quicker than a unilingual person.  So when I recently attended an Internet Safety and Cyber Bullying workshop at my daughter’s school, I was pretty disappointed at my inability to crack the code of texting lingo.  Of the 20 or so abbreviations the presenter displayed, I identified four (4).  Quelle misere. 

I guess I should cut the new generation some slack.  I heard today that abbreviating is certainly not a new phenomenon to this generation.  Certainly the greatest linguistic revolution in our lifetime would have been the modernization of the English language that the Americans undertook.  It was also interesting (and came as a relief) that when asked why they abbreviate words, most teenagers and young adults (cited as those most likely to use text language) will tell you, “because it’s cool’.  So of course they actually have to know how to spell the word correctly to know that they are being cool by spelling it incorrectly (or abbreviating it).  Oh, how I recall the thrill of reverse psychology I used on my parents when I was a teenager.  I’m going to chalk this one up to yet another typical adolescent attempt at speaking in ‘code’.   We invented pig latin didn’t we?

Lest I be labeled a hypocrite, though, I better ensure I don’t use too many abbreviations myself.  From now on, dinner is at 6 post meridian sharp.  When my neighbour asks for that pork loin recipe I better diligently write out tablespoon, teaspoon or better yet, millilitres.  Heaven knows I would feel much better about telling the world I weigh about 60 kilograms!  

Oh well, I really must be going.

Post script:  I mean, G2G

Post post script:  Still confused? Help is at  http://www.netlingo.com/acronyms.php

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