When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie…


No amore here.  Our Lent project very nearly reduced me to tears on Friday night.  Pizza night is somewhat habitual in our family on Fridays but during Lent we had to be content with homemade pizzas versus take-out/delivery or a dinner out at Boston Pizza.  Just before heading off to various music lessons, teen social obligations and errands, I set the bread machine to churn its beautiful messy contents into delectable dough, as I’d been doing almost every Friday night during Lent.

Upon our return, I set to putting the pizzas together for a hungry crowd of 4 kids (one extra for Friday night sleepover).  Something was terribly wrong.  This dough was a gooey mess.  Looked like a new prototype for the new movie “Monsters vs Aliens”.  I must have mis-measured or something but it was awful!  Already 7:30pm with a hungry pack at my heels, I knew starting from scratch was not an option (dough in the bread machine is awesome but it takes 1:40h). I was totally stressed but one of my kids calmly quipped, “Guess we’ll just have to order in.”   Normally I would have agreed and happily acquiesced, but Easter is next weekend -we are so close to our goal.  I could not cheat!  I haul myself out of my pit of misery and gooey dough, and rushed to the grocery store to buy some pizza kits.  Sadly, waste is not a good companion to a food budget such as ours.  Found an old Bacardi cooler in the basement to console me though.

Dinner was recreated and we alll settled into watching PeeWee’s Great Adventure (yes, the gem from 1985) to which the kids laughed hysterically.  I suddenly had a hankering for Tequila.  That scene just added insult to injury.


…just a few more days.

3 Responses to Sanity and pizza dough are slipping through my fingers…

  • I love Pee Wee!
    You are so brave, I am inspired by your project and am actually considering setting a similar challenge for myself, but I am too scared to actually commit and set a date.
    Good luck in the home stretch!

  • Astra, Peter, Connor, Taylor, and Emily

    WOW!!! You are an inspiration to all. You are actually doing something that some of us have considered, but never actually had the guts to attempt….(a fear of failing, perhaps).

    Ben was very impressed to see Taylor in the newspaper.

    Have a fantastic Easter. I think what you have accomplished is really terrific. I’m sure the kids will have a whole new appreciation for the things they have. It’s really a wonderful thing you’re giving them the opportunity to experience. Only 3 more sleeps…..


  • Astra,

    Pete sent me your article. I am so impressed… can’t say why exactly, but I was actually moved to tears by your efforts. (PMS? no). You really touched a nerve- I think about all the waste and the people that go without, but you actually DID something. How wonderful! And inspiring. Bravo!

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