“Do I look legit?” my 8 year-old daughter asks me as we prepare to leave the house.  “Of course you look legit!”  I reply, wondering who on earth would have the nerve to ask her, on her first day of daycare, if she was an illegitimate child. “NO, seriously, Mom, do I look legit?” she pleads.  Okay now I am thinking her brothers have concocted a new twist on the timeless sibling classic of telling a younger sibling s/he is adopted.  Wait until I get my hands on those two devils for torturing their sister.  “Mom!” she’s almost crying now, “Do I look cool?”  Oh, now I get it.  Who would have thought that looking “legit” means you’ve established your credibility as a popular blingfashion icon.  I pause and look at her closely:  pony tail with ball cap cocked sideways, shiny metallic gold sweatshirt, athletic shorts with chocolate stains, mismatched socks and running shoes.  “Absolutely, you look legit!  You are so legit, you look sick!”  Big smile.  “Okay, so what’s taking you so long? Let’s go!”  Sigh.  I’ll get the hang of this yet.

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