BountyPerhaps you’ve heard these radio ads lately.   All about that wonderful (elusive) Mom who doesn’t flinch when their kids pour their own milk or could care less about batter splatter.  These Martha Stewart Moms have loads of handy Bounty paper towels that do the job of 100 house elves cleaning up after the greatest of kids’ creative and culinary messes.

 My daughter, along for the ride as usual, quipped, “No offense Mom, but you’re not exactly the Bounty Mom, you know.” While pulling the Crayola round-tip scissors out of my heart and cleaning up the spilling blood with the ever-reliable quicker-picker-upper, I replied, “No, honey I guess I’m not”.  A few years ago, I might have launched into a breathless debate about my credentials for this perfect image of the Mom.  However, it’s unlikely this debate would have even taken place as my two boys happily walked away from our mother-son kitchen failures shrugging, “Fine.  Bake the damn cookies yourself.” 

 As if I don’t have enough to worry about, now I am thinking that perhaps my years of raising boys has jaded my ability to faultlessly parent a daughter. Apparently I’ve stifled her independence by hovering over her every effort in the kitchen and at the craft table (well, I used to have a craft table).  I guess I’m too old to really truly lose sleep over it though.  I really believe that when one sense is removed the other senses become more intense, that when the Lord closes a door, somewhere He opens a window, and so on and so on.  Since I’ve shooed her away from the batter and bowl, she has turned into quite the little artist and has developed quite a talent at creative writing.Dogs

 All this to say, there are three kinds of Moms:  the ones who know for a fact they do not wish to be and will not be a Mom, those who were born into this world to be a Mom (the Bounty Mom) and every other Mom falls somewhere in the middle.  I can safely register myself in the latter category of Moms.   It’s not all bad.  Their evaluation of my strengths and weaknesses is a valuable character-building competency they will require in their professional lives.  They also now know enough to stay out of my kitchen.

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