algonquin parkMy entire life I’ve been jealous of friends who went to summer camp.  I wish I could have gone to summer camp.  Going to summer camp seems like the uber ultimate:  being away from your parents, communal living and dining with other kids your age with similar interests and camp counselors to cater to your every emotion and activity.  My own kids go to summer camp.  My daughter recently returned from her annual camp odyssey and I am overjoyed to have her back in my clutches.  I laughed and hung on to every word as she spent the entire three and a half hour car ride home regaling camp stories and singing songs about forging friendships, smoldering campfires and canoe paddles, clean and bright.  I even tried to memorize a few to sing along and pretendI know about the amazing experience from which she’s just returned.  So while she gorged herself on homey treats she was temporarily denied (TV, computer, iPods and ice cream), I tackled her duffle bag – not so clean and bright.  As I listened to her cheerful singing, I couldn’t help pen my own little camp song….

 The Camper’s Return(to the tune of Camptown Races)

My child is home from camp today
Do da do da
Seems not so long she went away
Oh de do da day.

Can’t let her in the house
With feet as black as can be
Hose her down out in the yard
Until her skin, we see.

Then incinerate those socks
Do da do da
Trim those nails and those matted locks
Oh de do da day 

What happened to her shoes?
What happened to her hair?
Where are her toothbrush and her comb?
She doesn’t seem to care.

Her missing clothes were labeled well
Do da do da
And what on earth’s that dreadful smell?
Oh de do da day

“Where’d you get these pants?
Where’d you get this shirt?”
Not sure if I’ll find her yet
‘Neath layers of Algonquin dirt”

…only 14 more days for me to come up with a new diddy when her brothers come home… 

Happy trails.

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