hammock2Never underestimate the power of the Hammock.  Forget for a moment that it is under-appreciated as furniture; I’m finding out that its value as an alternative form of treatment for countless ailments has been rather fully researched.  There are baby hammocks which are womb-like baby beds for full term infants, there are swing hammocks being used as a therapeutic tool for people with sensory processing disorders, autistic children use hammocks to regain equilibrium and water hammocks are used to relieve osteoarthritis pain.

 I recall my grandparents’ old grey hammock suspended between two trees on their cottage property and whose hooks needed to be carved out occasionally as the tree grew.  I recall the beautiful hammocks in the beach houses of the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  I now have one of my own.  Well, to be truthful, I bought the first one for my husband for Father’s Day and the whole “ownership” thing just got a little out of hand.  So we now have three.  While its therapeutic value is commendable, I’ve opted for its use under the most simplistic terms:  for relaxation.  I had briefly forgotten about hammocks.  We put two up at the cottage this past weekend – the first one is located on the sun deck in a hammock stand and the second is suspended in the screened in porch.  We are already disputing where the third should be located.   

Amid a global recession brought on by unprecedented credit instability accompanied with staggering job losses, I am turning to my hammock for leadership and direction.  I – and a few others I know in this world – can take a strong dose of taking Nothing seriously – easily achieved with a hammock.  It’s really difficult to worry about anything while in a hammock.  There is no need to worry about the repercussions of sleep deprivation while in a hammock.  As I woke from my hammock reverie with a book outline tanned into my legs, my thoughts immediately turned to my daughter and what had become of her during my weekend hammock slumber.  There she was… curled up with Daddy on his hammock… books on their laps too.

 Ah, the hammock.  You should get one.

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