When was the last time you picked up a newspaper or magazine that did not refer some how to the global economic crisis and how it was affecting the average Canadian family? Between staggering job losses, rising food costs and the pressures of raising a family, it’s rare to read a story about being grateful for what we do have.
I recently heard a radio broadcast about a woman in Alberta who attempted to feed her family of 4 on the Basic Needs Allowance provided by the province to families on social assistance.   She wanted to do something meaningful with her family during Lent.
Today I read Deidre McMurdy’s shovelful of advice to survive the annual Family Day Holiday in the Ottawa Citizen and her quick dismissal of parents who do educational projects.  It got me thinking:  How far can $14.66/day be stretched for a family of five?   I an not sure, but I’ve decided to re-create this project with my family of 5 here in Manotick.  So, since January 13, I’ve spent $930.40 or $37.22 per day on food.  Wow.  There’s a pretty substantial discrepancy in my food spending habits and a standard monthly social assistance allowance.

Please enjoy reading about our family project,  the sacrifices we make and how we cope on this new food budget over the 40 days to Easter here at the dust bunny chronicles

Fat Tuesday will be FAT indeed!

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