In all my hours spent at the local play structure or swing set, never, EVER did anyone hand me a “Mom Card”.  Have you heard of these?  Mom Cards are apparently gaining popularity as the trendy way to exchange basic information with others moms in play groups and playgrounds and help facilitate play dates for your child(ren).  Seriously, it’s a calling card for babies.  There are online templates you can use to arrange your information, your child’s information (including Junior’s availability based on other structured activities) phone numbers and email addresses.  Yes, people pay money for them.

Perhaps I am being a tad dismissive of the benefits of the Mom Card.  It’s a great way to avoid making conversation with anyone.  What a great mechanism for that wayward Dad in the playground whose wife snoops his emails and cell phone logs.  What a burden we’ve lifted by creating a great short cut for pedophiles and stalkers too.  People angst about putting pictures of their kids on Facebook but here are some who will gladly put a picture of their baby on a business card with their phone number on it?  Along with their soccer schedule? 

The article I read mentions that, “unlike an email or text message, a Mom Card is a tactile reminder of the camaraderie when two people click”.  Hmmm, wouldn’t want to be too demonstrative, after all, so I guess a simple handshake or hug is out of the question.  Mom Card enthusiasts advocate the creativity used in designing these cards is an extension of their personality.  And their social skills, I might add.

You know you’re getting old when you start a sentence with, “In my day…”  but…

In my day, when two kids were obviously getting along and having fun at the playground it presented a great opportunity for me to meet a new friend too by striking up a conversation.  I can’t think of a playground situation in my past where it would have been appropriate to walk over to the other mom and hand her my “mom card” and flash her the ‘call me’ hand signal.  So I say, NIMS* on the Mom Cards, people.

* Not in My Sandbox

One Response to The Mom Card

  • …I am not so opposed to them…

    Afterall who walks around with a pad of paper and a pen ( ok with INK actually in it) to jot numbers and emails down? Plus I like having the tactile thingie to put on my fridge or address book.

    Work for me!

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