I keep all my New Year’s resolutions to myself – that way no one can hold me to them.

alcohol freeAs many of my friends know, every January I abstain from alcohol.  Stop laughing, I’m serious. This annual resolution – or 1/12th of a resolution – seems to be difficult to keep to myself and elicits much commentary by my friends and family alike. They are all very supportive, in a this-I-gotta-see kind of way.

I do this because, like many, I tend to overindulge in the all manners of food and beverage during December and have convinced myself that abstaining from alcohol for one month will set my life back to  Zen.  No way am I giving up comfort good in January so alcohol seems to be the appropriate sinful pleasure to slash instead of slosh. I’m pretty sure I can pull this off. God knows I was pregnant three times and breastfed three kids while abstaining from alcohol. But as the gap has grown considerably between the present day and my birthing and breastfeeding days, and I find it more and more of a challenge to do this annual “cleanse” – or is just because now I am mother to three teenagers? Judging from my Christmas presents, my teenagers may also think it’s a challenge for me.

For my first cleanse five years ago, I decided to go flat out and tried ‘Dr. Joshi’s holistic detox – 21 days to a healthier you’ made famous by Gwyneth Paltrow. I know, but I liked her back then, didn’t you?  Joshi promotes a detox diet regime – with no red meat, no dairy, no fruit, no wheat, no alcohol, no coffee, no sugar and no artificially processed foods. Yeah, so basically cardboard (you might know this as rye crackers). I recall reading a Canadian Living magazine writer’s review of this cleanse at the time and she wrote that she felt awful the first three days, then rather “kittenish” when she awoke the fourth day.  Clearly the kittens she knows are starving, acerbic, hypersensitive creatures with a razor-sharp tongues because that’s pretty much how I felt the fourth – and subsequent – days.  Of all the forbiddens on Dr. Joshi’s list, the hardest for me to give up was my coffee. It was not an enjoyable January and I have since then decided that giving up the alcohol is going “cleanse” enough for me. My friends and family generally agree.

The January detox doesn’t start until after the Kingston hockey tournament and it ends January 31st when the Nepean and Cornwall hockey tournament begin. Am I making excuses? Have you ever tried to make it through a minor hockey tournament weekend without alcohol? I rest my case.

So right out of the gate, my month-long January cleanse is reduced to 27 days. I am almost half way there, already.  Hooray! A toast to me! Oh wait …

Wish me luck on the home stretch… and keep all sharp objects (and chardonnay) away from me.

What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

no alcohol

7 Responses to The New Year is a Time for Purification

  • Yay for you. Think your liver is on a holiday down in Florida. Maybe playing a bit of road hockey or mini sticks. ; )

  • LOL! I would think having three teenage boys would pretty much give you carte blanch to suck back as much as you want. Kudos to you, Astra. As for me, they’ll have to pry my booze from my cold, dead hands. 😉

    • Two teenage boys and a teenage girl, Jayne! Thanks for reading – I’m pretty sure come February, you’ll have to pry that booze from my hands too 🙂

  • What a great idea! We all overindulge in December so a cleanse in January rectifies the situation, giving you a clean slate to start over in time for Valentine’s day. I love it. Hang in there. You only have a few days left!

  • Good luck! I was pondering a detox, but as I am still pondering I haven’t started anything yet. As for resolutions, I didn’t make any this year. I am still working on last years. I guess that means I am not doing too good in the start a fresh and all that jazz side of things. On the flip side, as I sit her in my PJs drinking coffee (yes, coffee) I am penning my writing goals for 2014. What to aim for, what to accomplish, etc., I might need to add some irish whiskey to my coffee as I am feeling overwhelmed. Why I didn’t take up knitting instead of writing is beyond me. Hope you have good month, Astra. Hang in there…

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