Hallelujah!  Praise be!  My washing machine has been returned to me!maytag repair

Remember that TV commercial about the poor lonely Maytag repair guy?  What a crock!  He is so sick of me he’s taking out a restraining order on me.  Even worse, my husband thinks my third-born looks a lot like him.  I was a sucker and took out a maintenance agreement with Sears following the purchase of this washing machine some 10 years ago.  I have renewed it a few times since.

 On April 18th, 2009, I called Sears following a pretty serious leak in this essential household appliance.  They were quite prompt with their repair schedule as I only had to wait until Wednesday for a repair person to arrive.  Having been down this crazy supply chain road ( littered with abandoned appliances) one or twice before, I made sure to tell them it was leaking from the bottom.   “Please, please, please tell them to bring extra parts.”  It’s not that I love doing laundry but with three kids and two dogs I can only live without this machine for so long.  Wednesday arrives and Mr. RepairMan tells me he doesn’t have the right parts.  I wait another week for RepairMan#2 to come.  He breaks something else while trying to fix the machine.  Now they have to bring it into the shop to have it repaired.  Naturally RepairMan#2 is not equipped to do so.  I have to wait another 5 days to have the washing machine picked up and delivered to wherever it is on Earth that Sears repairs washing machines.  Having done several loads of laundry at my neighbour’s house, I beg Sears:  “Can’t you send me a loaner?”  Apparently not.  After several loads at another neighbour’s, I ask them:  “Would it not be cheaper at this point for you to just replace it?”  Apparently not. 

 May 2, I head off to Deerhurst for a Girls’ Weekend away with loads of dirty laundry. 

 Upon my return?  No laundry machine (but more dirty laundry piled up)

 Mother’s Day weekend we head off to the cottage with several loads of dirty laundry.

 Still no laundry machine. 

 I cannot tell you how many times I called for an update on my beloved washing machine. 

 Finally, I call May 26th and am informed that my laundry machine is ready to come home.  They can return it to me Friday May 31st some time between 8am and 6pm.  Someone must be home during these hours.  No, they cannot be any more specific.  Not good, I say.  I want – no – I NEED this machine back but I have 2 really important appointments that day that I cannot change.  I am then rescheduled to TODAY, Tuesday June 2, 2009…. Just over six weeks after my initial plaintiff whimpers to Sears.

 So today, I give thanks… for the return of my washing machine .  And today – I am burning my maintenance agreement.

 Let’s hope they actually fixed it…..

One Response to The Return of the Maytag – a tale from out of this world

  • Helllllllooo……President of Sears Canada : Dene Rogers. Call/ email/harrass !

    You are the customer and if there are shortfalls in the “promise” take these guys to the carpet ! They are clearly flying below the radar and this is simply u n a c c e p t a b l e !

    ( last time I checked a washer/dryer was considered a “big ticket”….ooooh does that mean $$$$ ? Hmmmmm…perhaps that should be a priority in this tough retail climate ??? )

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