It was an omen. On the front page of Monday’s Globe and Mail Life section were two articles. One titled: Who are these people? Four out of five people say they’ve attended a miserable family reunion.   I have actually been on the Harbour Hopper in Halifax and roared in unison, “Ribbit, Ribbit” with fellow passengers to Haligonians passing by and am pretty sure my vacation mates probably looked the other way while muttering, “She’s not with us”. Then on the same page, one of my favourite Globe columnists Judith Timson, wrote a very forthright article called Water hogs and septic skeptics, or rather how not to be the cottage guest from hell.

campfireSo guess what I am doing the August long weekend? I am hosting a family reunion … at our cottage. Uh oh. Too late to back out now; all have been invited, guest list is set and the potluck assignments dispensed. Little do they know that with pen and Polaroid in hand, I am now well equipped to capture all the important family moments and will be taking notes: Who will be the Cottage Princess? The Dock Depressor? The Weather Whiner (I’m pretty sure that will be me)? The Towel Eaters? Or the Food Folly Twins? My cousins and siblings better beware! I’m pretty quick with the quill these days and may invent a few new nicknames. Hmmmm, Martini Maven from Mississauga? ‘Smoresaholic (Ooooooooey gooooooey, that could be me too)?

Fiery family dynamics aside, the first article concludes that the “opportunity to recognize shared values and traits is among the benefits of a family reunion” (that was a doctor quoted in the article, not me). In the ever increasing social media circus that surrounds us (including blogging, I guess), there’s nothing like face-time to stay connected. So if I get frazzled next weekend and tell someone to “go jump in the lake” … well … I just hope they will… and I will join them.

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