I am a devoted reader of the Toronto Globe and Mail’s Life section.  I start on the back page reading the Facts and Arguments essays and Lives Lived submissions.  While my day may not start off full of the latest world crisis, political scandal or business innovation, it does start out thoughtfully.   I find inspiration in the humble lives of those dearly departed I don’t even know; I find pretty rational parenting advice that is helping me cope with my newly minted teens; I always find cheeky guidance on relationships that I admit has shouldered me through a few spats.  Once in a while I find a really cool study that provides my A-ha! moment of the week.

Like this one on March 9th in the Globe and Mail:  A drink a day could help keep the pounds away by Dave McGinn (aka my new saviour).  My reaction upon reading this one was one so typical of me, the calm, level-headed, highly educated, balanced person that I am:  YABADABADOOOOOOO!

This study comprised some 20,000 women over 39 with normal BMIs (Body Mass Index).  Their martinis and midriffs were tracked for 13 years! Blah-blah-blah and so on about all the drinks they did and did not consume (published in the Archives of Internal Medicine).  What is the bottom line?  Those women who completely refrained from alcohol gained the most weight during this time period.  This is just one more knock against abstinence.

A representative of Obesity Canada is quoted in the article as saying, “… any kind of data coming from this study should be taken with a grain of salt” but I’m sure he meant taken with a shaker of salt and a shot of tequila!

“Make it a double, honey! I’m on a diet!”


One Response to There IS a God…

  • Saw pretty much the same article this week in the Citizen – words to live by and red wine drinkers gained the least weight – that’s all I need to hear 🙂

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