I asked the kids today what they were looking forward to the most when this project is over.  I realize that’s actually kind of cruel with over a week to go but I was kind of curious.  My eldest is longing for Oreo cookies , my middle one want a great big bag of Ruffles All Dressed potato chips and my daughter wants Ranch Crispers.   Even with concerted effort at baking homemade cookies, clearly they are pining for that which I I truly cannot replicate at home.

Our March Break indulgences are really hitting home now.  With only $15 to month-end, here are some great grocery bargains I found yesterday:

Oranges @ .89¢/lb
English cucumbers @ 99¢ ea
Pepperoni (for homemade pizza!) @ 99¢/100g
Strawberries – yes – strawberries @ 2.97 for a 2lb tray

Food Basics:
Broccoli @ $1 ea
Celery stalks @ $1 ea
Sliced mushrooms @ $1 ea
Black Diamond cheese slices $2/24
W/W bread @ $1.49 loaf
Schneiders bologna $1
Minute Maid concentrated OJ @ 99¢ ea
Yogurt @ $2/650g tub

Butter @ $2.99 ea
Grapes @ 99¢/lb

That’s about all the grocery store-hopping my wallet and I can handle.  Pantry pickings are pretty slim.  I am officially out of rice, almost out of flour and really stretching out those 4 eggs, 1/4 lb of butter and 4L of milk!  Yet, there is still a whole chicken in the freezer for dinner Sunday night.

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