I’m restlessly waiting for this week’s onslaught of food flyers which the former Me would have dutifully dumped in the recycle bin.  I really am becoming obsessed with food.  One of the things I’ve realized about myself already during this project is that I expect the refrigerator to be fully stocked and loaded all the time.  I seem to have a phobia about actually running out of some staple food item.  The fact that we’ve run out of orange juice on Monday when the new budget week starts Wednesday is really causing me a great deal of anxiety.  We’ve run out of green peppers as well and I’m somewhat maniacal.  I Must Google “visible signs of vitamin deficiency in children” today.  The fact that there is sufficient celery, cucumber and carrots to safely see us to our next shopping day does nothing to alleviate my worry.  There probably is a name for this disorder.   Something lurking in my subconscious causes me to immediately want to replenish that which has been replete (whether we need it right away or not).

So last night, to make myself feel better, I decided to take stock of the inventory in my freezer.  Remember, we have a small apartment size deep-freeze which really has only been used to house the over-flow from our kitchen appliance (you know, the extra bread, rolls, ground beef I need to medicate my disorder).

Here’s what I found:

Spaghetti sauce x4
Chili x1
Boston Baked Beans x1
Taco beef leftovers x2
Pork tenderloins (2.5)
Beef Barley Soup x1
Chicken breasts x6
Seasoned chicken breasts x4
Whole chickens x2
Beef burgers x8
Bread dough (2 loaves)
French fries (Yes! God have Mercy!)
Leftover turkey meat (I am hoping from this past Thanksgiving but can’t be sure)
Haddock (2 filets)
Turkey sausage
Plain chicken wings
Salmon (2 filets)

Sadly, no chicken fingers to placate the poor hungry urchins I call my own.  Wow, I had no idea (did I tell you I defrosted the sucker last summer?)!  Evidently my meat purchases can take a break over the next couple of weeks as I work my menu around a plentiful supply of meats and alternatives!  I didn’t even mention the bags of odds and sods leftover frozen vegetables that are now clearly destined for the turkey soup pot!  Next stop:  the Pantry.

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