boredAnd then she says to me, “I’m bored!

A whole fifteen consecutive minutes of nothing to do has turned her world upside down and inside out.

You’re telling me you’re bored? Oh really. My dear child, you have no idea what bored is!

You do not know bored until you’ve spent all of July and August with nothing to do.

You do not know bored until sleepover camp means a night in the pup tent in your friend’s backyard.

You do not know bored until you spend an entire morning picking dandelions or daisies all by yourself.

You do not know bored until ‘pool time’ means a twirly sprinkler with ice cold water … or no twirly sprinkler at all and just the water hose .

You don’t know bored until the highlight of your afternoon is waiting for the ice cream trike to pass by at 3 o’clock in the afternoon …. and it’s only just past noon.

You do not know bored until you endure CBC children’s television broadcasting in the ’60’s in rural Québec.

You do not know bored until the only music you could listen to was CJSS AM radio.

You do not know bored until you’ve watched Brady Bunch re-runs.

You don’t know bored until movie night comes once a year and AppleTV is still a Fisher Price toy.

You do not know bored until your mom tells you to go outside to play and not return until lunch time or there’ll be hell to pay.

You do not know bored until the fourth consecutive rainy day on a camping trip.

You do not know bored until you’ve ridden to Timmins and back in the back seat of a Ford LTD with three siblings and nothing more to pass the time than a used set of paper doll cut-outs (with some of the tabs worn off), and a single Nancy Drew book.

You do not know bored until you’ve ridden to Toronto in the back seat of the same Ford LTD and your mom has forbidden anyone to speak since -oh – about 15 minutes into the trip!

Oh no, my dear. You do not know bored. Now, go find something to do or I’ll find you something to do (evermore the ageless cue to scram)!

What did your ‘bored’ look like?




8 Responses to You're bored? Did you say, you were bored?!

  • Sounds like someone is bored. In this day and age? I remember feeling bored in my youth. But then life comes along and adulthood responsibilities. I guarantee your child will never be bored again! Sometimes I wish I’d have five minutes now with nothing to do. Pure luxury!

  • The beauty of being a book lover, was not having to succumb to boredom. And if I couldn’t find one that interested me, I would try to write something that would. And of course, there were the long leisurely daydreams where entire worlds materialized as I gazed into the clouds. I think kids miss that today – not enough down time to really dream.

    • You’re so right Renee! Next time she says this to me, I’m going to tell her to go light down on the grass with her hands under her head and just look at the clouds!

  • Astra, isn’t it funny how with all the things available to children nowadays and they still have the gall to say they’re bored? Dear Jesus, is this ridiculous or what? I’m proud to say I have never been bored. Not once have those words escaped my lips. Really. How could I be when I don’t have a waking moment of the day to myself? hee hee! When I was a child, it was also the same. Nana kept us busy with chores, sewing, embroidering, and learning how to cook. Ask me if my own children have done half of that! 🙂

  • Great post, Astra. But you could’ve saved yourself all that writing and just said “Brady Bunch re-runs.”

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